About Almutlaq Holding

Here was the beginning ... In the mid 1960’s, Almutlaq Holding has been created and established under the name of Almutlaq Company Limited by the hands of the founding of the first generation, as one of leading and specialized companies in manufacturing and selling furniture in the Kingdom. Our beginnings were so unpretentious like most companies at that time. We opened our first branch and showroom in Khobar on the east coast, and soon to follow the opening of our branches and showrooms in Riyadh and Jeddah on the west coast.

With the passage of time, and with movement of the helm from the generation of founders to the leaders of the second generation, who have worked on strategic plans and goals since the first day in the best interest of the company for careful expansion. Over the years, one of the results of this deep and hard work, the company gained credibility, commitment, loyalty and a good reputation among consumers and the Saudi citizen on the one hand and to the largest manufacturers and suppliers of furniture in the world on the other.