Analyzer / Instrumentation Technician

Saudi Arabia

Ref: MP203-48

The Role

The Role

Level Purpose:

Handles repair, overhaul, calibration, inspection and data collection related to the skilled standard of maintenance and repair of instrumentation plant and equipment. Needs minimal supervision to handle routine repair but needs some supervision for non-routine repairs.


- Prepare application for work permits and understand in order to implement the permit conditions prior to commencement of work.

- Dismantle, repair, overhaul, re-assemble, inspect and test more complex equipment in order to ensure it has been repaired as requested.

- Carry out simple installation procedures for machinery and accessories.

- Guides technicians in the repair of simple plant equipment.

- Troubleshoot and resolve technical problems of greater difficulty in order to restore equipment to running condition.

- Carry out all preventive maintenance in accordance with preventive maintenance schedules for most equipment in the plant.

- Take necessary action to prevent premature failure of equipment and machinery.

- Adhere to HSE regulations and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment.

- Participate in tool box safety meetings presided by the Sr. Maintenance Specialist or Maintenance Supervisor.

- Take appropriate action to maintain the work place clean and tidy at all times in line with company standards.

- Check the functionality of equipment and measuring instruments and test the instrument for calibration in accordance with allowable limits and standards.

- Collect data related to vibrations, speed, temperature, flow, leakages, etc. in order to enable analyse the equipments condition.

- Conduct day to day necessary training of lower level maintenance staff in order to ensure that they are all trained in the latest know how and skills to improve productivity and cost effectiveness.



Minimum Qualifications:
Technical Training certificate or 3 year diploma in relevant branch of Engineering.

Minimum Experience:
At least 4 years of hands on experience of maintenance/instrumentations/analyzer in any petrochemical or chemical process industry

About the Company

About the Company

TASNEE erects, manages, operates and owns petrochemical, chemical, plastic, engineering, and metal projects and provides industrial services and markets its products through five major sectors.

Petrochemicals Sector:
Includes Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Company (SEPC), Saudi Polyolefins Company (SPC), Saudi Mono-acrylic Company and National Petrochemicals Marketing Company.

Chemicals Sector:
Includes National Titanium Dioxide Company (CRISTAL Global).

Metals Sector:
Includes National Metal Manufacturing & Casting Co. (MAADANIYAH) and National Lead Smelting Co. (RASASS).

Diversified Sector:
Includes Rowad National Plastic Company (ROWAD), National Batteries Company (BATTARIAT), and National Packing Products Company (WATANPAC) .

Services Sector:
Includes National Petrochemicals Marketing Company, National Technical Inspection and Testing Co (FAHSS), National Operation and Industrial Services Co. (KHADAMAT), National Environmental Preservation Co. (BEE’AH) and National Industrialization Petrochemicals Marketing Company.
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