Command Control Centre Operator – Al Futtaim Group Real Estate

Al Futtaim Group
Dubai, UAE

Ref: HP698-5131
Al Futtaim Group

The Role

The Role

Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate (AFGRE)

Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate (AFGRE) is the real estate development and operations arm of Al-Futtaim Group which is headquartered in Dubai. AFGRE is responsible for the origination, conception, development, procurement and construction of mega projects and the leasing, sales and operation of these projects after completion.

In addition, AFGRE develops and operates an extensive multi-million dollar portfolio of individual corporate real estate and investment assets across the MENA region.

The two current flagship mixed use urban communities under the Festival City brand are the award winning, Dubai Festival City (5.2 million square metres) and Cairo Festival City (3 million square metres).

CCC Operations requires 24X7 presence of operators to monitor and control the overall FM operations across DFC.

AFGRE are looking for a Command Control Centre Operator to be responsible for high-performing and efficient operations of the building management system. The role requires a proactive stance and unique view to ensure a seamless response to maintenance conditions - enabling the Facilities Management team to deliver excellent customer service regardless of traffic volume.

Key Responsibilities of the job will be:

Monitor and control overall job cards through;

* Escalate expiry of SLA's to concerned FM team members
* Schedule All PPM job cards in IVIVA
* Generate all monthly PPM's as per schedule
* Generate corrective job cards for all PPM snags

Receive and handle Customer calls after office hours and official holidays ;

* All inquiries to be captured and passed on to the concerned department.

Operations of building management system BMS

* Day to day monitoring and operation of all system and assets connected to the BMS systems
* Take immediate corrective action to rectify any sensor or control issue with the system.

Maintain and control all heating, ventilation & Air conditioning systems

* Maintain desired comfort levels as per design specifications of the buildings temperatures.
* Escalate any asset performance issues to appointed service provider to undertake corrective action.

Monitor and control chilled water system across DFC;

* Ensure comfort levels are met with minimal cost based on historical consumption.
* Coordinate with district cooling plant to ensure comfort levels are met in all buildings
* Rectify system related issues and escalate chilled water supply issues.
* Monitor BMS system AMC providers
* Calibration of sensor and instruments based planned schedule 100%


* Maintain accurate asset register
* Conduct inspection visits to observe & confirm service provider PPM work completion.
* Ensure all breakdowns are tracked to the assets in the system
* Escalate frequent asset failure
* Update new assets in database and update their warranty information's
* Generate & maintain cad maps in Iviva, BMS drawings and document control

Monitoring and coordinating emergency situation;

* Acknowledge all system alarms raise necessary job cards and escalate them to concerned persons as per department procedures.
* Receive emergency call and escalate them based on the emergency procedure and time lines.
* Notify and escalate priority 99(high priority) job cards for immediate action by the concerned Facilities Manager & service provider.



Minimum Qualifications:
Electrical Engineering Diploma, Technical certifications in HVAC systems

Knowledge Area:
BMS, Lon and Bacnet protocol, TCP/IP, MS offices, work management software's

Minimum Experience:
3 years' experience in HVAC,MEP BMS Maintenance

Job-Specific Skills:
Team Player, good analytical skills, BMS knowledge, Other CMMS operational knowledge.

About the Company

About the Company

Established in the 1930's, the Al-Futtaim Group initially operated as a trading enterprise. Rapid development throughout the 1940's and 50's saw it establish itself regionally as an integrated commercial, industrial and services organisation, positioning itself one of the leading business houses in the lower Gulf region. Today, it operates collectively over 40 companies bearing the Al-Futtaim name, dominates many market segments in the UAE, and has expanded its sphere of operation to include Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Egypt.

The Group comprises a diverse range of strategically positioned operating subsidiaries and associate companies, structured to give the Al-Futtaim Group the flexibility and versatility to keep ahead of local competition while keeping pace with the ever-evolving global business scenario. The Group’s continued investment in world-class systems technology is clear evidence of its commitment to maintain leading edge performance and service delivery.

The success of the Al-Futtaim Group can be attributed to a business approach that combines the ability to change with the traditional values of integrity, service and social responsibility that define its core business philosophy. This, linked with the Group’s belief in decentralisation, gives the heads of the operating companies a high degree of functional autonomy and authority, providing the Group with essential flexibility, and individual employees a clearly defined work culture and sense of responsibility.
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