About Continental Beverages

Continental Beverages is PepsiCo’s largest independent bottler group in Africa with 6,000 employees and 14 bottling plants located in Nigeria, Tanzania and Ghana. Continental Beverages is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lebanon-based MAK Holdings and the company’s head office is located in Beirut.

The company began operations in 1960, in Nigeria, as the Seven-Up Bottling Company and eventually it took over the Pepsi bottling business in Nigeria. The Nigerian operation, still known as the Seven-Up Bottling Company, has market leadership in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria, and has a nationwide market share of 40%.

In 2001, Continental Beverages acquired the Pepsi bottling business in Tanzania and in 2005 the company took market leadership in the capital city Dar es Salaam and other key cities. Nationwide, our market share is 38%.

In 2005, the company was named PepsiCo’s bottler of the year in the Africa and Middle East region, the fourth time it won that honor in the previous ten years. In 2009, it was runner-up in PepsiCo’s worldwide bottler of the year competition, after having won the worldwide honors for the first time in 2003.

In 2008, the company acquired the Pepsi bottling business in Ghana and we are improving Pepsi’s market share and performance in that country.

In 2010, the company broke ground on building a bottling plant in Kenya and production and sales of PepsiCo products will begin in 2012.

Continental Beverages currently produces and sells 8 million servings of Pepsi-Cola, 7-Up, Mirinda and Mountain Dew products every day