Environment Specialist

Jerry Varghese International (JVI)
Saudi Arabia

Ref: HP599-734
Jerry Varghese International (JVI)

The Role

The Role

Responsible for monitoring environmental requirements compliance for the organisation and serve as a local licence with regulatory authorities.


The jobholder needs to collaborate closely with the other functions in Marafiq to be able to deliver proper execution of Environment regulations.
The job is required to solve non-reoccurring problems using own knowledge and experience.
The jobholder has to lead the initiatives and plans to increase the awareness on the importance of environmental and implement plans for achievement.
The job holder must execute any additional tasks assigned to him by his superior.


• Need to interact with practically all business units ‘V Potable, Waste and Sea Water Cooling and Power - and departments directly linked to environment matters (e.g. Production, Maintenance and Customer Service).

• External contacts are with regulation authorities (Royal Commission)

• The job has considerable freedom to control, organise and schedule work in dealing with the Royal Commission.
• Ensures the environmental policies are in line with Marafiq‘¦s vision, focus and high standards.
• Propose new ideas and approach to top management. Implement the Environment plan and network among all departments of the Company.
• The job is also required to solve non-reoccurring problems using own knowledge and experience.
• Final decisions are centralized with the TSD Manager.



Minimum Qualifications:
• University degree in Chemical Engineering or Environmental Sciences.
Minimum Experience:
• 8 years' engineering or project management experience in a heavy industrial or utilities environment.
• 3 - 5 years' environmental engineering experience.
• Experience of managing/costing projects involving external contractors.
• 1 - 2 years' project costing experience involving the use of relevant software.
• Experience of technical evaluation of design options.

Job-Specific Skills:
• Skilled in the use of engineering costing software and demonstrating capability of making optimal use of the software to achieve assignment requirements.
• Deep knowledge of all relevant local and international environmental standards, regulations, legislation and codes of practice, especially ISO 14000.
• Skilled in carrying out post-implementation environmental impact audits.
• Broad understanding of project cash flow management techniques.

About the Company

About the Company

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