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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ref: MP559-42
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The Role

The Role

We have a client, a large FMCG company looking to fill in the post of Human Resources Manager.

Sector: Food & Beverage
Direct Supervisor: Human Resources Director
- Training Supervisor
- Recruitment Administrator

Job Summary:

Managing, planning and implementing Human Resources functions and activities for the company such as recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, training…etc in order to maintain and develop the company's most valuable resource-its people-to achieve goals and objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities in Details:

1. Supervising the implementation of Policies, Goals and Strategies:

• Supervising the implementation of the department's plans, as well as ensuring their compliance with company's rules and policies

• Developing department's work plan; assigning work activities, projects and programs, monitoring work flow, reviewing and evaluating work methods and procedures, and directing such activities to serve department's goals and plans

• Proposing plans and programs that boost the effectiveness of the department

• Ensuring that instructions, circulars and organizational and technical decisions are followed and applied

• Ensuring that work activities are carried out according to the pre-set performance goals, and suggesting any necessary actions to the Human Resources Director

• Conducting periodic meetings with subordinates to follow up smooth running of activities and keeping abreast with latest business-related practices

2. Executive and Technical Duties

• Implementing the Human Resources systems, procedures, and forms in addition to formulating and recommending policies, regulations and practices for conducting human resources programs

• Communicating Human Resources-related policies and procedures to all company's employees and responding to inquiries regarding them

• Preparing manpower forecasts to project employment needs and efficient manpower planning, succession planning and career path development

• Ensuring the application of equal opportunity principle through the formulation of recruitment, testing and selection policies and programs

• Managing and supervising the implementation of training policies and programs through conducting needs analysis studies and conferring with direct supervisors to determine training needs of employees

• Administering the implementation of the performance appraisal process for Company employees to ensure its effectiveness and the fair and equal treatment of all employees

• Developing and managing recognition and incentive programs for high potential employees, and developing and monitoring processes to upraise poor performance
• Conducting employees’ satisfaction surveys periodically to pinpoint the areas of satisfaction in addition to identify areas of dissatisfaction for improving the employees’ welfare and increase their morale

• Planning and managing the recruitment process and ensure continuously searching and evaluating candidates to choose the most appropriate

3. General Administrative Duties

• Preparing periodic reports with respect to the department's activities and achievements to be submitted to the Human Resources Director

• Specifying manpower requirements for the department according to the recruitment and selection and human resources planning practices

• Recommending training needs of subordinates and evaluating the outcomes of training courses

• Following-up on employee administrative affairs such as: vacations, leaves …etc

• Conducting performance appraisals for subordinates according to scheduled plans and recommending necessary actions as per the applied practices

• Nominating a deputy to carry out the responsibilities of the position whenever the need arises

• Performing other duties related to the job as assigned by the Human Resources Director



Evaluation Criteria:

- Delivery of services required by various departments on time
- Timely resolution of staff related issues
- Achieving department's developed objectives
- Effectiveness of conducting human resources functions and activities

Communication Channels:

Within the Institution/ Frequency:
- Coordinating with all company's organizational units for planning and organizing their Human Resources issues /As needed

- Coordinating with the Financial Division to coordinate budgeting and allocation of financial resources /Annually

Outside the Institution/ Frequency:

- Communicating with recruitment agencies inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia/ As Needed

- Communicating with training centers inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for coordinating training courses/ As Needed

Required Educational Level:

B.A. in Business Administration, Human Resources Management or a related field

Required Competencies
Professional Knowledge:

- Knowledge in the Saudi labor law and other governmental regulations

- Professional knowledge in Human resources systems such as performance Appraisal, Recruitment & Selection, Compensation & benefits …etc

- Knowledge in Administrative and Supervisory concepts

- Knowledge in Human Resources strategies, policies and procedures adopted by the company

Special Knowledge:
- Good command in both Arabic and English

Skills & Abilities:
- Decision Making
- Managerial skills
- Financial & Human Resources Management
- Communication and Interpersonal skills
- Follow-up abilities
- Planning and organizing
- Team Management and Building
- Time management
- Problem solving
- Computer skills

Personal Characteristics:
- Cost & Quality awareness
- Attaining precise set limits, tolerances, and standards
- Trustworthy, honest and dedicated
- Service quality and user satisfaction oriented

Required Training:
- Training courses in training needs assessment and management
- Advanced training courses in Performance Management
- Training courses in leadership skills
- Training courses in human resources management systems and techniques
- Training courses in employee relations and communication skills

Job Dimensions
- Budget vs. expenses
- Nature of internal services that the organization need

About the Company

About the Company

JUC Worldwide is a premier recruitment consultancy based in Dubai. Our innovative approach and commitment to excellence has earned us an impressive record of placing high calibre professionals across a wide range of organizations regionally.

JUC Worldwide has gained the reputation of being one of the industry’s most reliable hiring resources.

Our goal is to partner with progressive companies to increase productivity, reduce costly turnover, and increase efficiencies though a proven systematic hiring and selection process. We continue to be one of the fastest growing placement firms.
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