Finance Manager

Doha, Qatar

Ref: KP814-33

The Role

The Role

The Finance Manager is responsible for establishing and controlling the day to day operations of the organisations finances, the financial and Information systems and administrative services, while also providing financial information to Business Heads, Senior Managers and the Chief Executive Officer in accordance with company policies, legislative requirements and budgetary constraints

• To develop, obtain sign off, implement, manage, review and maintain financial policies and procedures ensuring compliance within the organisation
• Ensuring accountable and effective financial management in all aspects; including but not limited to the organisations payroll, financial reporting, credit facilities/loans and budget management at both a division and organisational level
• Take the lead role in the identification and management of business risk and protecting the financial interests of the organisation at all times
• Take the lead role in developing various financial models and cost benefit analysis of the organizations future projects
• Ensuring the development and continual improvement of business support processes, reporting and financial controls
• Act as key interface and driver in the communication and negotiation with external financial and related institutions in either conjunction with the CEO and senior management or independently depending upon instruction
• Developing and supporting a high performing, customer-oriented Finance team
• Executive support for the Business Heads, Senior Managers and CEO
• To act as the lead point of contact in conjunction with the senior management and CEO for all aspects related to the organisations finances
Financial Management
• Preparation, implementation and ongoing review of the annual budgets, mid-year forecasts and various organisational / business streams P&Ls
• Development and preparation of a full suite of financial reports both standard and ad hoc (as required) in line with accounting standards and organisational requirements
• Lead the development and construction of financial aspects/financial modelling associated with the organisations various business plans and future developments. Further have the ability to present the same to the CEO, senior management, shareholders and external parties as and if required
• To provide analysis and associated commentary / recommendations in relation to month end financial performance against budget and P&L account lines, ensuring payroll, accounts receivable, credit facilities/loans and creditors are effectively managed across the organisation
• Ensure monthly reconciliations are performed for general ledger accounts at a business stream and organizational level
• To oversee and ensure accuracy of bank reconciliations
• To oversee and ensure the day-to-day cash management including management of investment accounts and surplus funds is being handled correctly to achieve maximum outcome
• Ensure strong financial compliance policies, procedures, processes, controls are in place and are being effectively managed
• Oversee and directly contribute to the preparation, analysis, reporting and presentation of the organization’s annual financial performance to the CEO, senior management and shareholders as required
• Oversee the preparation of the organisations books in preparation for financial audit and to act as the main point of contact / liaison with external auditors
• Provision of financial leadership and advice to Business Heads as required
• Ensuring regular review of all contracts, service level agreements and supplier registers in order to maximise financial performance and outcomes
• Iidentify, implement and enact cost efficiencies and process improvement opportunities throughout the organization
• Oversee the debt collection process, including liaison with contractors, business partners and suppliers to ensure minimal exposure to constrains in cash flow
• Ensuring that the revenues and assets of the company are protected through the establishment of effective financial controls, asset registers etc
• Administering insurance cover and claims and performing regular reviews of the same to maximise coverage and minimise premiums
• Administration and co-ordination of the organizations motor vehicle fleet
• Performance of other related duties as and when required

Business Process Development
• Ensuring business support processes necessary for effective financial and contract management are identified, implemented and reviewed
• Review and recommends contracts relating to the financial and property management aspects
• Communication of business process requirements to staff
• Identification, evaluation and cost analysis of business process improvement opportunities

Leadership, Staff Management and Team Building
• Providing direction and support to the Accounts Manager to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of accounting teams work
• Overseeing finance related tasks of administration staff
• Cultivating a positive and competent finance environment
• Identify training requirements for staff under direct control and organise appropriate training
• Dealing with performance issues of direct reports

1. Work closely with CEO, Senior Management and Department Heads on all budgetary, compliance and financial matters
2. Engage in external business relationships relevant to the role
3. Auditors and partner agencies

• Accounts Manager
• Accountants / Accounting Supervisor



Experience and Skills
• Must have minimum of 8 years relevant and hand-on work experience in all facets of Accounts functions, in a senior managerial capacity
• Proven track record in financial and administrative management and experience with the development and management of budgets
• Experience with the management and implementation of contracts and understanding of government requirements
• Experience in managing large format loan facilities and associated finance documentation and compliance requirements
• Proven experience in interfacing, communicating, negotiating and dealing with financial institutions at a senior level and the establishment of financial facilities at beneficial terms as a result of those negotiations
• Excellent time management and organizational skills
• Demonstrated high level analytical skills
• Excellent communication (written and verbal), interpersonal and presentation skills
• Ability to consult and collaborate with others and work as an effective team member
• Capacity to provide leadership and develop innovative processes and ways of working
• Competency in a range of accounting software applications as well as proficiency across the Microsoft Office suite
• Experience with reconciliations and internal auditing
• An ability to meet deadlines and resolve complex issues
• Trustworthy with confidential and sensitive company information
• Maintain standards of conduct
• Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
• Be flexible
• Demonstrate sound work ethics
• Be consistent and fair

Education background
Must be degree qualified (MBA preferred) with associated qualification suitable to the role e.g. economics, commerce, accountancy

Trainings and Certifications
Management/Accounts/Audit/Finance Trainings and Certifications

Day to day operations of the company finances, the financial and Information systems and administrative services
Accurate Financial information

About the Company

About the Company

Equinox W.L.L., (Qatari limited liability Company) was established in 1993 with a vision to offer unique and distinct products and services in the real estate market and related fields.

The owner puts his vision into reality by pioneering the first shopping mall in Qatar. It proved to be an instant success and gave impetus to others to replicate.

With the vast experience in the real estate field and knowledge of market trends and requirements, Equinox developed an 85-villa compound in the northern part of Qatar which was completed in 2005. After its success, now comes interesting projects lined up, e.g. a multi use development and a 2 residential/hotel towers.

Equinox is also a player in the retail industry with a furniture showroom, a fashion boutique and a business to business branch.
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