Internal Auditor

Oryx GTL

Ref: GP570-172
Oryx GTL

The Role

The Role

To review and assess management system of controls and business processes while providing necessary comments and recommendations aimed at maximising their effectiveness to safeguard the interests of all shareholders. Monitor compliance to the established policies, procedures, relevant laws and best industry practices.

Department Strategy Formulation:
- Contribute to the formulation and implementation of the Internal Audit strategies within ORYX GTL to ensure effectiveness of the audit process and achievement of the audit objectives.
- Ensure compliance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

Design Audit Plans & Programmes:
- Contribute to the development of a risk based annual and 5 years plan of audit activities based on a 3 year audit cycle.
- Contribute to the periodic review and update of the plan to ensure that priorities are given to high risk auditable areas.
- Develop programs for each audit engagement, including the scope, objectives, timing and resource allocations.

Implementation of Audit Programs:
- Execute the audit programs effectively and efficiently to ensure that sufficient records are identified, analyse and evaluated to achieve audit objectives
- Develop appropriate recommendations to improve the business processes, reliability and integrity of the control systems over the financial, administrative and operational activities of the company.

Engagement Process:
- Identify, analyse, evaluate and record sufficient information to achieve the engagement objectives.
- Conduct detailed process involving interviews, observations, and enquiries with the use of audit tools, i.e., data flow diagram, sampling, and if possible Computer Assisted Auditing Tools

Risk Assessments:
- Conduct risk assessments in conjunction with the departments’ managers to identify the risks involved and ways to mitigate the same to safeguard the company.

- Prepare timely and accurate reports on the results of all audit engagements and recommendations of the internal audits to promote awareness of sound business practices to ensure compliance with the Fiscal Agreement and Joint Venture Agreement.

Special Examinations and Investigations:
- Conduct special examination and review as requested by Management / Audit Committee.
- Assist in the investigation of significant suspected fraudulent activities within the company

Working Relations:
- Build up and maintain business contacts with both internal and external parties, such as Audit Committee, Shareholder’s as well as External Auditors.

Internal Follow Up Activities and Administration:
- Record and track all the internal audit finding and action plan using the Internal Audit Tracking Database
- Prepare a weekly status of Consolidated of Audit Action Plan for ORYX GTL
- Responsible for the administration of Internal Audit Library (SharePoints).



Minimum Education Qualification:
- Bachelor’s Degree from recognized university or equivalent
- Professional Certifications in Finance, Engineering or Internal Audit (any of CPA / ACA / RA / CIA / CISA / PMP / MBA)

Preferred Education Qualification:
- Dual Professional Certifications

Minimum Experience:
7+ years of internal audit experience

Preferred Industrial Experience:
- Oil & Gas or Energy Company

Job Specific Skills:
- Must be a team player, innovative and flexible
- Must have a good understanding of financial and accounting trends and best practices
- Must have extensive Internal Audit experience
- Must have exposure to COSO Internal Control and ERM Frameworks
- Must have relationship building and communication skills
- Must have general knowledge of the energy / chemicals industry
- Must be fluent in both written and spoken English with particular emphasis on report writing
- Knowledge of the ERP (SAP is preferred)

Preferred Job Specific Skills:
- Expert knowledge of the Data Mining and Analysis Software (i.e. ACL, IDEA)
- Expert knowledge of the Audit Software (i.e. TeamMate, Auto Audit, Protiviti)
- Have a practical SAP auditing experience
- Possess deep specialist knowledge in area of expertise (i.e. SCM, Logistics, Procurement, IT, Fraud, Refinery, E&P, Downstream, Marketing, etc.)

About the Company

About the Company

Rising from the desert with great speed and efficiency is the gas to liquids production facility, ORYX GTL, a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum (51%) and Sasol of South Africa (49%). The first of a series of planned GTL production facilities that will deliver on the declared ambition of the State of Qatar to become the GTL capital of the world.
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