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Ref: HP977-1049
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The Role

The Role

Job Purpose:

Responsible for the market and product management of the company’s IP business and providing specialist IP knowledge to business development and management projects. Responsibility commences with product lifecycle (focusing on the stages to launch), market management and exit. Ensure hands-on performance management and timely identification of market and product underperformance with the immediate implementation of corrective action as well as identification of innovative improvements in the same area.

Development and Management of IP Business

• Drive The company’s IP products/services and innovations/advantages into IP sectors through conferences, expositions and other industry and partner events to maximize commercial presence and exposure.
• Monitor “commercial performance” of IP products and services in accordance with company’s targets and indicate variations from the business plan.
• Monitor “quality of service” of existing IP products and services from SP’s and customer’s perspective e.g. customer care, IT, network operations and external partners.
• Monitor the “effectiveness and efficiency” of IP marketing and product business processes throughout the company and its interfaces to external partners.
• Monitor “competitive advantage” of existing IP product and services e.g. conduct regular test samples on competitor’s products, track competitor’s media activity, make test calls to competitor’s customer service and evaluate benchmarks of other satellite and cellular operators.
• Deduce and recommend innovations, enhancements, corrective actions (in terms of both new initiatives and troubleshooting) or exit measures throughout the IP business within The company and external partners.
• Develop jointly with other departments’ suggestions for promotions, marketing communications and PR to improve performance of IP business.
• Promote and monitor approved product and service modifications or corrective actions (in terms of both prevention and troubleshooting) or exit measures to be taken at operational level.
• Provide project leadership or support to project managers of product and service innovations and enhancements during technical and commercial implementation to ensure a proper and timely launch and effective market delivery.

Information Collection Tasks

• Develop and cultivate industry and Service Partner network to assist developing market intelligence and information that will help the company gain commercial advantage.
• Require necessary reports on the commercial performance of IP business in terms of KPI’s from Data Warehouse, Billing, Finance, Market Analysis or other information processing departments.
• Require necessary reports or information of on functional performance and “quality of service” of existing company’s IP product (e.g. customer care and helpdesk, SP reports, call completion reports, outage reports).
• Communicate regularly with sales department on performance of IP in the market.
• Accompany sales department on visits to SP or customer premises on a case-by-case basis.
• Communicate regularly with other business and product managers with regards to e.g. potential synergies, bundling offers, joint promotions.
• Require market research (primary and secondary research on customers and competitors) to get insight into the performance of existing IP product and services on a case by case basis.



Information Delivery Tasks

• Report weekly to the Director of IP Business on IP KPI’s.
• Report weekly to the Director Product Management on the progression of corrective actions and product enhancement projects.
• Develop concepts (including business plan) and presentations, serving as decision support for IP business enhancement alternatives at different levels of company’s management.
• Develop and adapt IP product and service descriptions for the briefing to Marketing Communications, Distribution, Finance, Legal, to commercially support the running and launch of the new “Product/Service” or respective enhancements.

Participation and Supporting Tasks

• Participate in the development, maintenance and enhancement of the reporting system on all necessary internal data to fulfill own monitoring responsibilities.
• Participate in the development and conduction of market research on various items to fulfill own monitoring responsibility.
• Participate in the training of relevant staff with regards to IP product and service enhancements and its impact on processes.
• Participate as a project team member in the stages of implementation of major innovations. This is necessary to ensure a smooth hand over of responsibility from project management to market management. The effective handover takes place when the project has entered the market launch.

Project Management

• Ability to perform as Project Manager for a particular evaluation, planning and/or implementation project.

The ideal candidate for this role must have:

• Minimum of 5 years satellite communications experience in IP industry specializing on L-Band technology and it integration into IP platforms.
• Product management skills: product knowledge, development of products, product pricing and the establishment of products in the market.
• Process and business skills: demonstrates deep understanding of the operational process implication of existing IP communication products and services and the enhancement thereof throughout the industry.
• Solution skills: capable of understanding sophisticated challenges quickly and to develop and evaluate alternative solutions independently.
• Innovation skills: manage the creative process of others, can facilitate effective brainstorming, has good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions will work, can project how potential ideas may play out in the market, brings creative ideas to market.
• Customer focus skills: is dedicated to meet the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers. Get first-hand customer information and uses it for improvement of products. Acts with customers in mind.
• Reporting skills: writing of letters, preparing monthly and other reports, preparing presentations serving as decision support.
• Interpersonal skills: relates well to all kinds of people. Builds appropriate rapport. Builds constructive and effective relationships. Uses diplomacy and act tact. Can diffuse even high-tension situations comfortably.
• Communication skills: is able to communicate clearly. Can get messages across that have the desired effect. Can convince people.
• Written communication skills: is able to write clearly in a number of different communication settings and styles. Can get messages across that have the desired effect.
• Expertise in developing and assessing business plans and monitoring actual data.
• Expertise in Project Management.
• Analytical skills: ability to assess data and make conclusions.
• University Degree or equivalent qualification in Business Administration, Marketing, or Telecom Engineering.

About the Company

About the Company

Networkers International now fully own SNS Consultancy FZ LLC, so will now be trading as such and is now fully integrated into the 11 country global footprint of Networkers International Plc.

Within the Middle East we continue to offer our clients and candidates extremely high levels of service across the IT, Telecommunications, Engineering, Construction, Energy and Homeland Security sectors, each covered by teams that specialise in their given area.
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