Operations Shift Supervisor – (SAP) Super Absorbent Polymer

Saudi Arabia

Ref: MP203-45

The Role

The Role

Purpose of Job:
Directly supervises DCS/Field Operators on shift and ensures that shift operations staffs are working safely and equipped with the required skills. Also look for improvement opportunities in the plant, the process and even in the existing work practices that could enhance better safety, environment and productivity.

Main Duties & Accountabilities:

- Take an action and reports any upsets in the plant and any emergency situations to the Operation Supervisor. Fill the shift log report and indicate safety, environmental event time of occurrence and the corresponding actions taken.

- Develops operation procedures and ensures they are followed throughout the operation area.

- Promotes the safety requirements and procedures within his area of responsibility and make sure operations personnel wears basic protective gears in the area and uses appropriate protection when performing special or non-routine work.

- Closely monitors ERT response, highlight and discuss all avenues for improvement and relay observations to responders in every similar event thereafter and provides guidance to all shift members in the effort to perform quality emergency drills. Each shift must share the lessons learned from a drill to further develop the seriousness and people skills in emergency response.

- Trains and develops the operation personnel to further upgrade their skill and capabiities in performing their duties. be aware of his shift training needs and coordinate it with the Career Representative.

- Read relief logs from the previous shifts and previous days if one took vacation or in days off. Pass to his relief detailed information of the activities and completed work permits. Include permit-related issues and items that require priority follow up for the incoming shift.

- Ensures the maintenance is carried out as needed to prevent and/or minimize plant downtime and safety incidents. Use the work order system to raise and print work requests to transfer these to the Maintenance Planner.

- Supervises the plant turnaround activities to ensure completion per schedule without safety incidents.

- Control timekeeping data and vacation scheduling to ensure that his shift team is adequately manned through an up to date schedule. Carries out appraisals and take disciplinary action when needed.

- Audit unit operations to ensure achievement of operating targets and the over-all operating plan. Monitors product quality and make recommendations and/or adjustments to maintain product quality, yields and production rates.

- Maintains good housekeeping within his area of responsibility.

- Keeps updated all the relevant operating procedure.

- Is expected to follow procedure and Management of Change requirements if a deviation is required.

- Must recognize problems early to prevent major upsets to the operation.



Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent. Knowledge of refinery or chemical plant operations is preferred.

Minimum Experience:
5 to 10 years operational and supervisory experience in related area of petrochemical refinery or chemical plant.

About the Company

About the Company

TASNEE erects, manages, operates and owns petrochemical, chemical, plastic, engineering, and metal projects and provides industrial services and markets its products through five major sectors.

Petrochemicals Sector:
Includes Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Company (SEPC), Saudi Polyolefins Company (SPC), Saudi Mono-acrylic Company and National Petrochemicals Marketing Company.

Chemicals Sector:
Includes National Titanium Dioxide Company (CRISTAL Global).

Metals Sector:
Includes National Metal Manufacturing & Casting Co. (MAADANIYAH) and National Lead Smelting Co. (RASASS).

Diversified Sector:
Includes Rowad National Plastic Company (ROWAD), National Batteries Company (BATTARIAT), and National Packing Products Company (WATANPAC) .

Services Sector:
Includes National Petrochemicals Marketing Company, National Technical Inspection and Testing Co (FAHSS), National Operation and Industrial Services Co. (KHADAMAT), National Environmental Preservation Co. (BEE’AH) and National Industrialization Petrochemicals Marketing Company.
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