About Parsons International

Parsons is a leader in many diverse markets such as infrastructure, transportation, water, telecommunications, aviation, commercial, environmental, planning, industrial manufacturing, education, healthcare, life sciences and homeland security.

Parsons provides technical and management solutions to federal, regional and local government agencies as well as private industries worldwide.

List of jobs in Parsons International

1. Assistant Resident Engineer – Landscape Project Zayed City, Western Region, UAE
2. Quantity Surveyor Zayed City, Western Region, UAE
3. Planning Engineer Zayed City, Western Region, UAE
4. Senior QA / QC Engineer Zayed City, Western Region, UAE
7. Environmental Supervisor Doha, Qatar
8. Resident Engineer – Landscape Project Zayed City, Western Region, UAE
9. Project Controls Manager Abu Dhabi, UAE
11. Site Inspector – Roads Dubai, UAE
12. Lead Piping Engineer Abu Dhabi, UAE
15. IT Infrastructure Specialist Abu Dhabi, UAE
18. Electrical Engineer Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
19. Piping Stress Engineer Abu Dhabi, UAE
21. Senior Process Engineer Abu Dhabi, UAE
26. Sustainability Engineer Abu Dhabi, UAE
27. Sustainability Manager Abu Dhabi, UAE
30. Site Engineer – Traffic Doha, Qatar
31. Site Inspector – Electrical Abu Dhabi, UAE
32. Site Inspector – Structures Abu Dhabi, UAE
33. Site Inspector – Gas Network Abu Dhabi, UAE
34. Quantity Surveyor/Contract Admin Qateef Badrani, Saudi Arabia
35. Estimator Saudi Arabia
36. Resident Engineer Dubai, UAE
37. CAD Technician Dubai, UAE
38. Contracts Administrator Abu Dhabi, UAE
39. Civil Inspector Dubai, UAE
40. Land Surveyor Dubai, UAE
41. Document Controller Dubai, UAE
43. HSE Engineer Dubai, UAE
45. Senior Quantity Surveyor Abu Dhabi, UAE
47. Quality Assurance Manager Abu Dhabi, UAE
48. Contracts Manager Abu Dhabi, UAE
49. Cost Estimate Manager Abu Dhabi, UAE
50. Principal Civil Engineer Abu Dhabi, UAE
51. Electrical Design Manager Doha, Qatar
54. Civil Design Engineer Doha, Qatar
55. Senior Landscape Architect Abu Dhabi, UAE
56. Landscape Architect Abu Dhabi, UAE
57. Junior Landscape Architect Abu Dhabi, UAE
58. Electrical Design Engineer Abu Dhabi, UAE
59. CADD Operator – Landscape Abu Dhabi, UAE
62. Contract Administrator Doha, Qatar
72. Contracts Manager Doha, Qatar
74. Senior Landscape Architect Doha, Qatar
75. Construction QA/QC Manager Doha, Qatar
78. Engineering Systems Manager Abu Dhabi, UAE
79. Contracts Manager Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia
80. Architect Inspector (Railway Project) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
81. QA/QC Manager Abu Dhabi, UAE
84. Senior Interface Engineer Doha, Qatar
85. Structural Design Engineer (Steels) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
86. Junior Landscape Architect Abu Dhabi, UAE
87. Mechanical Design Manager Doha, Qatar
88. Economic Planning Specialist Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
89. Project LEED Manager Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
91. Planning Manager Qatar
95. Document Controller Abu Dhabi, UAE
96. Civil Construction Lead Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
97. Automatic Fare Collection Engineer Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
100. Senior Landscape Architect Saudi Arabia
102. MEP Engineer Saudi Arabia
103. Road Engineer Saudi Arabia
104. Senior Irrigation Engineer Doha, Qatar
106. SmartPlant 3D Administrator Abu Dhabi, UAE