Production Engineer – (SAP) Super Absorbent Polymer

Saudi Arabia

Ref: MP203-44

The Role

The Role

Purpose of Job:

Provides process-engineering support to the plant. Develops the requirements for process checks, tests, analysis and audits. Carries out general process engineering studies to improve the process. Complies and presents production report to management.

Main Duties & Accountabilities:

- Provides technical support to operation personnel to ensure plant is running smoothly and products are as per specifications.

- Develops and administers parameters for process checks and analysis.

- Assists in plant turn around to ensure smooth shutdown and start up.

- Collects production data, analyses and prepares reports on undesired production trends.

- Coordinates and liaises with engineering and plant process on the technical issues.

- Provides training and guidance to operation personnel.

- Looks for ways and means to lower production cost and minimize waste without jeopardizing safety and quality.

- To monitor the progress maintenance activities with respect to progress of job requests raised and completion of the same.

- Takes lead role in troubleshooting process and quality.

- To collect data related to utilities consumption, material transfers and coordinates for certification of same for accounting purposes.

- To coordinate with other departments for matters related to product movement, safety, environment, materials purchase, etc.

- To assist in preparing annual and monthly production plans.

- To assist in developing of plans and procedures related to operations (normal and emergency)



Minimum Qualification:
Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent. Knowledge of refinery or chemical plant operations is preferred.

Minimum Work Experience:
5 to 10 Years of production engineering experience in related area of petrochemical refinery or chemical plant.

About the Company

About the Company

TASNEE erects, manages, operates and owns petrochemical, chemical, plastic, engineering, and metal projects and provides industrial services and markets its products through five major sectors.

Petrochemicals Sector:
Includes Saudi Ethylene and Polyethylene Company (SEPC), Saudi Polyolefins Company (SPC), Saudi Mono-acrylic Company and National Petrochemicals Marketing Company.

Chemicals Sector:
Includes National Titanium Dioxide Company (CRISTAL Global).

Metals Sector:
Includes National Metal Manufacturing & Casting Co. (MAADANIYAH) and National Lead Smelting Co. (RASASS).

Diversified Sector:
Includes Rowad National Plastic Company (ROWAD), National Batteries Company (BATTARIAT), and National Packing Products Company (WATANPAC) .

Services Sector:
Includes National Petrochemicals Marketing Company, National Technical Inspection and Testing Co (FAHSS), National Operation and Industrial Services Co. (KHADAMAT), National Environmental Preservation Co. (BEE’AH) and National Industrialization Petrochemicals Marketing Company.
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