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Arabian Construction Company (ACC)

Ref: KP516-13
Arabian Construction Company (ACC)

The Role

The Role

General: Responsible for technical, administrative, contractual, and financial management of the project. Plans construction works according to a schedule program for the whole project.
- Correspondence: Issues project related correspondence. Ensure proper document control and documents archiving for various correspondence and communications. Maintain contacts and networks with the various departments.

- Bill of Quantities: Review and package inter-related drawings & instruct distribution. Approve storage control, handling procedures and collect feedback. Request & follow up modifications to drawings as necessary and ensure excellent execution of construction activities on time, within project budget, and according to project specification.

Safety policy & procedures: Review and implement procedures and monitor safety reports. Attend periodical safety meetings and discuss and approve safety manager actions while inducing "Safety Culture to Staff".

- Payment Certificates: Review and per-approve PC quantities prepared by QS. Approve procedures prepared by QS and ensures timely submission of PC applications. Assess and approve debit and credit notes and thoroughly review application prior to submittable. Reviews & discusses necessary certification with Engineer and follows up with them for receipt of certification. Report to Head Office / Accounting Department on certified amounts & work in progress.

Planning & Program: Prepares guidelines of program preparation, working hours, holidays and calendars, constraints (physical and other wise), resource loadings limits, update timing, and specify reports to be issued. Agree with Head Office on strategy, calendars, productivity and extensions; agree on strategy & sequence of execution with Construction Manager (CM); overview & supervise coordination of sequence of trades; agree on productivity rates with CM & planner. Verify needed resources & ensure availability/alternatives. Submit program to Engineer & secure consent. Analyze reasons of delays and approve / initiate recovery measures. Identify dates of completion with Engineer & follow ups and insure accuracy of TOC issuance.

- Cost Control System: Establishes cost monitoring meetings with Cost Control Engineer. Review cost reports. Discuss cost situation with CM (& site staff) and work out plans to reduce or minimize cost. Report to head office on cost situation and comment on cost over runs. Introduce, implement & monitor cost saving procedures & techniques.

- Mobilization & Site Installation : Overview & approve site installation layout, secure Engineer's approval, plan installation, order necessary equipment & material; carry out formal requests & coordination with authorities and utilities, monitor installation, set policies for general site appearance and maintaining company image.

- Execution Strategy & Method Statement: Define Strategy and implement guidelines. Review and approve sequence, produce general method statement and review and approve trades method statement. Leads, organizes and closely supervises project execution.

- Sub contracts & sub contractors: Review contracts and check that contractual documents (bonds, insurance, etc.) are satisfied, informs LC officer (if applicable) of payment schedule according to execution plan, distribute relevant data/documents to project personnel, agree on meeting/reports and follow abidance. Introduce to site personnel and monitor progress of work & abidance by contract. Identify defaults & take action. Initiate legal action if required. Certify payments, manage claims and variation orders.

- Site budget (budget allocation to cost codes): Receives budget (per unit basis and not lump sum) allocated to each cost code and sends budget to respective section engineer.



- Conditions of contract, Letter of Acceptance, & Tender: Administer contract, review & check it. Needs to identify & inform the HO when critical and risk issues arise in contract; direct staff in developing methods to contain & minimize risks as well as approve methods & solutions proposed by staff.

- Representation Role: Acts as a contractor representative and/or owner representatives in all meetings with consultants. Looks after the best interest of the company at all times and endeavors to project a professional and suitable image of the company at all times. Negotiates (to the extent agreed to with HO) with other parties.

Company culture (Rule procedures and policies): Review company policies and implement them. Absorb & identify with company culture and promote it within their project team & subordinates.
Specifications, Design drawings & design updates/variations: Review, package interrelated specs & instruct distribution. Approve storage control, handling procedures and collect feedback. Request & follow up modifications to drawings as necessary and plan construction works according to a schedule program for the whole project.

- Excellent computer skills.
- Strong leadership skills.
- Effective communication skills.
- Strong analytical skills for project planning.
- Work according to the project program and be capable of establishing a detailed agenda for the required section of works.
- Be able to read the project specification drawings and assist in preparing method statements for the construction of the different activities of the project according to the requirements based on the project budget.
- Excellent Arabic and English.

About the Company

About the Company

Arabian Construction Company (ACC) is a dynamic and progressive organization that has grown to become a leader in its industry.

ACC has been operating since 1967, through a comprehensive regional network all over the Middle-East.

From power generation and desalination plants, to factories, hotels, hospitals, and intricately sophisticated smart buildings: ACC’s track record is a prestigious list of efficiently delivered projects.

ACC’s management consists of highly qualified professionals with a distinguished track record in the region.

ACC’s staff have always taken-on the challenge of broadening fields of operations and increasingly complex work standards over the past 40 years. In doing so, they have constantly acquired new skills and expertise that kept them ahead in the industry.
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