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Saudi Arabia

Ref: HP698-5244
Al Futtaim Group

The Role

The Role

Al-Futtaim's centralised recruitment team is a special place to work and, we think, a unique in-house recruitment team in the Middle East. We take pride in managing our own sourcing without agencies, we measure everything we do, we use the LEAN recruitment process to prevent waste and we carry a huge workload which we share and manage. We are highly systems and process driven and rely heavily on initiative, consistency, intelligence, discipline and good technology to save money, time and effort. Our team comes from Morocco, the UK, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, India, the Philippines, Canada, the UAE and Australia and we speak Arabic, English, Russian, French, Hindi, Malayalam, Telug, Tagalog, Ajami, Tamil, Farsi, and Turkish. In our first year of operations, 11 of us recruited 2,049 people and we won the Middle East HR Summit Award for the best HR Initiative in the Region. In 2011 we recruited a total of 3290 people and have an even busier 2012 planned!

This is a team of dedicated hands-on, professional recruiters and is not for sales experts, the faint-hearted or those looking for an entry point into the HR profession.

We are looking to recruit an experienced Recruitment Specialist to join our team in Saudi Arabia.†You will be responsible for the recruitment of all vacancies in Saudi Arabia for the local†businesses within the Al Futtaim group of Companies. You will be expected to work†independantly but with complete support from your Dubai based colleagues.

Working alongside the line mangers and HR professionals of your business, your role will be to:

* Take accurate details of current vacancies
* Design and implement a recruitment strategy
* Write job adverts
* Source CV's using sniperhire
* Screen candidates
* Arrange interviews
* Conduct testing
* Interview potential employees
* Offer recruitment and salary advice
* Negotiate salaries
* Write offer letters
* Arrange documents for visa processing

You will take accountability for your assignments through thought leadership, detailed metrics, sound relationships and unswerving results focus. You will use our systems, processes and technology to their best effect, make suggestions for continuous improvement and will assist other team members when they have higher priorities than yours.



To be seriously considered suitable for this role, you must have recruitment experience either from an agency or an in-house team.† We are not looking for someone who has worked in a HR role with recruitment as one of their many duties looking to use this as an entry point into an Al Futtaim HR role.†

You must be passionate about recruitment as a profession and want to be part of the team long term. You must be a listener and note-taker, analytical (in thought and practice), a committed team member and a hands-on worker who lives for getting quality results. We need someone who can set aside process habits and quickly orientate themselves to what we do and how we do it.

We'll be delighted if you have any exposure to or understanding of how LEAN recruitment works, but if you don't we'll gladly show you.† You will need first class skills with the Microsoft Office suite of products and you absolutely must have used at least one e-recruitment platform as a recruiter.

We don't care where you live or what nationality you are but you simply must like recruitment!

About the Company

About the Company

Established in the 1930's, the Al-Futtaim Group initially operated as a trading enterprise. Rapid development throughout the 1940's and 50's saw it establish itself regionally as an integrated commercial, industrial and services organisation, positioning itself one of the leading business houses in the lower Gulf region. Today, it operates collectively over 40 companies bearing the Al-Futtaim name, dominates many market segments in the UAE, and has expanded its sphere of operation to include Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Egypt.

The Group comprises a diverse range of strategically positioned operating subsidiaries and associate companies, structured to give the Al-Futtaim Group the flexibility and versatility to keep ahead of local competition while keeping pace with the ever-evolving global business scenario. The Groupís continued investment in world-class systems technology is clear evidence of its commitment to maintain leading edge performance and service delivery.

The success of the Al-Futtaim Group can be attributed to a business approach that combines the ability to change with the traditional values of integrity, service and social responsibility that define its core business philosophy. This, linked with the Groupís belief in decentralisation, gives the heads of the operating companies a high degree of functional autonomy and authority, providing the Group with essential flexibility, and individual employees a clearly defined work culture and sense of responsibility.
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