Regional Logistics Manager

Almarai Company
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ref: GP381-335
Almarai Company

The Role

The Role

Core Purpose of Job:
To ensure in getting product and services to depots by proper communication between Sales department and Supply Planning, administer and control the inventory systems in the region with minimum Depot Loss by ensuring that the Company policies are being followed, maintain clean and healthy Depots, Offices and Accommodations by following the Quality Systems of the Company, build up and maintain clear communication and co-operation with all internal(e.g Sales, Finance, Fleet, CPP) and external interfaces

Areas of Responsibility (AOR)
1.Ensure proper communication between Sales Department in the Regions and Supply Planning to deliver product to the market according to the Demand.
2.Ensure correct product handling standards are implemented in the vehicle loads and warehouse storing.
3.Adherence to Cold Chain Management standard in all vehicles before and during loading as well as cold stores to meet the Quality Standards.
4.Adherence to Depot hygiene and Cleanliness to meet the Company standards.
5.Adherence to Date Code Policy to meet the Company policies.
6.Ensure the issued crates from CPP to the Regions are returned accurately.
7.Ensure that all staff under his area of responsibility are well trained and motivated to carry out all responsibilities as per the Company standards.
8.Adherence to Health & Safety Policy to meet the Safety standards of the Company.
9.Adherence to Quality Systems to meet the Company standards.
10.Maintain the proper records that are in-line with the Company Systems.
11.Compile monthly receipt, dispatch and loss reports, reconciled product losses and complete logistical activity reports for RGM.
12.Ensure procurement/purchase of non-Central procurement items in depots of the Regions by following the procedures
13.Ensure rotation of stocks according to the Ageing level.
14.Ensure Villa Hygiene and Villa Maintenance

•Provide information, documentation and technical support on logistic management and the warehousing to the Depot Logistic Stock Controller and Regional Logistic Supervisor.
•Plan and manage the regular distribution of product in accordance with company standards and regional requirements
•Conduct frequent visits to the depots to review and check the accountability of the distribution system and to ensure that the product distribution is properly done
•Ensure cost effective purchases by being responsible for signing off the day to day general consumable expenses in the region.
•Ensure the sourcing of reputed suppliers with cost effectiveness and proper services for various maintenance activities for the day to day business operation.
•Ensure a proper smooth flow of work in all depots by being responsible for logistics supervisor, stock controllers and loaders.
•Make an awareness to the staff of quality and safety by carrying out safety and quality audits/inspections and give in recommendations for improvements.
•Coordinate the deliveries to each of the depots within the region by being responsible for the UPC cold store and ensure the proper agreements are in place.
•Provide better and good living environment to whole of the staff living by providing the staff accommodations with all essential furniture’s that are required.
•Set directions to staff and ensure that a smooth flow of work in the ramp is implemented.
•Maintain a good health and safety environment by adhering to and ensuring the adherence of the rest of the team, to all policies and procedures on health and safety.
•Ensure that product quality and freshness is maintained by ensuring that the stock controllers and loaders adhere to the cold chain and correct product handling practices.
•Notify the senior manager’s information on the day to day business activities by providing the required reports.
•Preventing fraud within the department by conducting work audits on a regular basis.
•Ensure that the region receives the right amounts of orders by analysis the inputs of the marketing forecast and giving directions for necessary adjustments.
•Ensure to sustain a good team sprit amongst the team members by dealing fairly in all of their problems in and out of the company.
•Co- signing of the purchase order forms to ensure that every purchase is accordance with the company policy.
•Co-ordinate in the depot development projects.
•Ensure date code policy is implements in all cold stores and reconciled vehicles.
•Ensure that pest control measures are implements according the signed agreements.
•Ensure that crates issued to the depots are returned with zero loss and regional crate reconciliation with CPP is also reconciled at 0 balance of loss.
•Ensure that all staff training need is identified once in a year and an ITP is prepared.
•Ensure that all staff are trained in company standards and ensure guidelines are maintained.
•Ensure that all company safety standards are implemented in the area of responsibility.
•Ensure that all company quality systems are implemented in the area of responsibility.
•Ensure that all logistic personnel maintain a proper document for all logistic activities in the region.
•Maintain good relationship with suppliers.



Job Dimensions (Quantifiable job features – E.g. Volumes handled, Revenue and budget size, No. of subordinates, No. of Suppliers, No. of Customer’s served, Variety of functional areas handled):
•Responsible for 6-8 depots in the Region and 10 – 16 villas
•Responsible for 1-4 Logistic Supervisors/25-35 Stock Controllers/10-15 Fork Lift operators/50-100 Material Handlers
•Responsible for handling 20000 – 35000 crates/cases per day
•Responsible for 200 – 280 routes/sales vans
•Responsible for sourcing and dealing with 10-12 suppliers for cold stores, fire safety and all consumables

Job Context (Circumstances characterizing the job: Working hours, location, stress, physical conditions, resources):
•Working hours from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM with one and half hours of lunch and Friday off
•Be able to travel and work irregular hours, including evening and weekends
•Be able to be on call and/or deal with emergencies
•Be able to work under pressure
•Work location – Regional office
•Able to work under deadline pressure and multiple tasks
•Transportation facility, office, computer, mobile communications will be issued
Key Relationships (Internal - Superior, Peer. External to the Organization):
>Relationship with suppliers, other companies or individuals doing business with the group must at all times be maintained on strictly business and ethical basis, uncomplicated by and obligations, real or imagined, which are not of a purely commercial nature, in accordance with the business needs of the group.
•Relationship with working colleagues, superior and subordinates require a strong degree of respect, loyalty, trustworthiness, in order to create and maintain a motivated, healthy working environment.
•Maintain working relationships with, and gaining the cooperation of, people in specialist areas such as technical experts, production managers, accountants and suppliers


•University Degree or equivalent with focus on Logistics, Transportation etc.
•Regional Logistic Supervisor/Logistic Supervisor (internal candidate)
•Proven track record of identifying and implementing initiatives to improve distribution performance,
including quality, service levels and costs. E.g implementing Total Quality Management or statistical techniques to improve efficiency or reduce cost. Implementing racking solutions in warehouses to mprove the usage of warehouse space.
•Have good spoken and written communication skills in English
•Should be Computer literate
•Age : 30 – 40 years
•Should have a valid Driving License(preferably International Driving License)
•Advanced degree in Business Management or related field
•CIMA part qualification
•Diploma in Logistics Management

Essential responsibilities executed (Generic Description)
•Minimum 5 years experience in transport, warehousing and inventory management in a FMCG company at a managerial capacity
Desirable responsibilities (Generic Description)
•Minimum 7 years experience in transport, warehousing and inventory management in a FMCG company at a managerial capacity
•Experience in Multi-national distribution network
Competencies (Technical, Operational, Managerial, Human & Cultural

Knowledge, Skills and Attitude
•Have good forward planning skills
•Be able to motivate and manage Teams
•Knowledge in warehousing requirements
•Ability to multitask in order to handle competing priorities
•Have good analytical skills
•Be able to prioritise work loads

About the Company

About the Company

Almarai is the largest integrated dairy foods company in the world, with a reputation for quality that is unmatched within the gulf countries in which we operate. We're a company committed to healthy living, and to delivering only the freshest and most delicious products to the people we care most about - our customers.

Almarai began in 1976 under the leadership of HH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer, as it remains to this day. His Highness recognised the potential to transform traditional methods of dairy farming to serve the needs of the rapidly expanding Saudi market; and what began with the processing of fresh milk and laban soon expanded into modern dairy farms and state-of-the-art processing facilities

The company's headquarters are based in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Almarai Company extends throughout the Arabian Peninsula, leading and influencing the agricultural, dairy processing and food distribution industries.
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