Reservoir Engineer Simulation

British Petroleum (BP)
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ref: KP754-145
British Petroleum (BP)

The Role

The Role

Supervises/conducts the technical appraisal/development studies of reservoirs in assigned field. Directs and conducts the preparation and updating reservoir development plans to optimize oil/gas recovery to meet short and long term production and recovery targets.

*Responsible for the activities of assigned personnel, plan allocating work assignment and determining priorities.

*Development of New Simulation Models: (i) Supervises/work with reservoir geologist on the preparation of wells data (logs and core data) required to build 3D geological models and in turn reservoir simulation models. (ii) Supervises or work on building 3D models in conjunction with reservoir geologist using any 3D model building software's such as IRAP-RMS/PETREL.(iii) Perform simulation grid design, reservoir layering necessary to upscale Geological models to reservoir simulation models. (iv) Should be Upscaling parameters and techniques and quality checks and assurance of correct upscaling process. (v) Process log, core and SCAL data to be able to prepare saturation tables necessary for simulation models. (vi) Performs initialization of reservoir simulation model. (vii) Perform history matching of reservoir simulation.

*Simulation Studies: (i) Performs and supervise simulation studies such as: (a) sustainable rates (b) Feasibility of new workover wells. (c) Should be able to evaluate the need of the field for secondary and tertiary enhanced oil recovery methods for maintaining production plateau. (d) Simulates the effect of different reservoir management issues on the performance of the field. (e) Designs and simulates long term development scenarios (f) Optimizes any LTDP plan. For the purpose of longest plateau, ultimate oil recovery and most economical development options. (g) Conduct/direct subsurface uncertainty studies.

*Supervises/participate in formulating plans for developing/appraising/predicting the future performance of the assigned field/reservoirs using the most up-to-date reservoir stimulation tools including estimating hydrocarbon reserves, optimizing recovery, assist in achieving targets, maintaining reservoir pressure, number and location of wells and the optimum well and reservoir production/injections rates.

*Supervises implementation of approved plans and audits reservoir performance by comparing actual achievement against reservoir development predicted targets by reservoir stimulation, investigate the models reliability, highlights the problem areas/deviations and recommends/implements any required stimulation models corrective measures as needed.

*Determines specific development scenarios for investigation utilizing the full field simulation model, details input/control parameters and ensured prediction performed as required. Analyses results and consequently recommends further areas of work for investigation. Supervises consultants/services companies adherence to terms and provisions of contact, evaluates performance, verifies accuracy of data and checks related bills.



*Mentor Junior Reservoir Engineers and / or Technical Assistants.

*Degree in Petroleum/Chemical Engineering. Planning, analytical and execution ability

*Minimum of 8 years experience in reservoir simulation Engineering including at least one model construction, running and history matching.

*Skills in SCAL analysis and PVT Laboratory studies, tuning EOS, well vertical lift performance curves.

*Experience in petroleum engineering/production technology and Computer technical applications knowledge are advantages.

*Proficient in English (Communication skills - written and spoken English) is a must.

*Location - Middle East Region

*Previous work in a JV environment preferred

About the Company

About the Company

Our business is the exploration, production, refining, trading and distribution of energy. This is what we do, and we do it on a truly global scale. With a workforce of nearly 80,000 employees, BP operates with business activities and customers in more than 80 countries across six continents. Every day, we serve millions of customers around the world. We are continually looking for talented, committed and ambitious people to help us shape the face of energy for the future.
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