Risk Management Officer

Kuwait Energy Company (KEC)

Ref: MP265-39
Kuwait Energy Company (KEC)

The Role

The Role


The Risk Management Officer will oversee the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the company’s risk management system providing a process for managing risk into the organisation’s overall governance, strategy and planning, management, reporting processes, policies, values and culture. The broader aim is to increase the likelihood of achieving company objectives, ensuring shareholder value and mitigating downside risks.


1. Establish a cross-divisional KEC Risk Management Committee (RMC) whose members will:
• assist in integrating risk management into their divisions
• serve as the go-to for risk reporting
• work with the Risk Management Officer in the design and implementation of KEC’s Risk Management program
2. Design KEC’s risk management system in coordination with stakeholders.
3. Design a tailored risk management process according to KEC’s unique context including identifying and assessing risk and design risk treatment.
4. Promote risk management within organisational processes.
5. Report quarterly to the Board on risk management developments and progress
6. Serve as a risk management resource for company directors and managers

Will require international travel.


• Maintains and annually reviews and updates country/ project risk registers
• Delivers quarterly reports to the Board on RM progress and company risk environment
• Provides risk management training to staff
• Facilitates/provides risk workshop are provided for each project at the appropriate stage according to project requirements
• The RM process is enhanced through interpretation of KEC RM framework to ensure that RM procedures are embedded in the company
• ISO 31000 (Risk Management) certification is achievable




Minimum Academic Qualifications (Preferred)
1. Bachelor’s degree in Business, Economics or Finance
2. Master’s degree in International Relations or other relevant field with risk analysis training or Master Business Administration preferred

Required Technical Competencies (List 5 of the most appropriate enabling)

1. Integrity/ethics, strong research and analytical skills, sense of urgency, willingness to ask for help in decision- making
2. Knowledge of Middle Eastern, specifically GCC culture, politics, and the oil and gas industry. (relating more to technical competences)
3. An understanding and working knowledge of Risk Management and ISO 31000 requirements and their importance to business continuity. (technical)
4. Able to identify and address risk management issues/problems early on
5. Ability to quickly assess and adapt to changes in company environment and context

Required Generic Competencies (Behavioural)
1. Demonstrated ability to manage successful projects in an international setting for a minimum of 5 years.
2. Leadership ability
3. Professional written and verbal communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
4. Ability to communicate and interact with staff at all levels and to work effectively in a diverse community.
5. Skill in influencing people to accomplish company’s goals.
6. Self-starter who can motivate a team and multitask
7. The ability to build an effective team.
8. Ability to cope with and embrace change and use it to the advantage of the company

Minimum Work Experience (specify # of years, type of experience, etc.)
1. Minimum 5 years’ experience managing research and administrative projects in a diverse and changing environment.
2. Minimum 4 years’ experience living abroad with at least 1 year in the MENA region.
3. Minimum 2 years’ experience managing and developing office processes and support staff.5 years in the oil & gas sector

About the Company

About the Company

Established in Kuwait in August 2005, Kuwait Energy Company is an independent Oil & Gas Exploration and Production company. Kuwait Energy Company prides itself as an Oil & Gas company with extensive knowledge of the Middle East region with outstanding relations with host governments, national oil companies and international companies that operate in the Middle East.

Kuwait Energy has a high quality and diverse portfolio of oil and gas assets and is focused on exploration, production and development of oil and gas reserves in the MENA and Eurasia regions.

Headquartered in Kuwait, the Company’s regional offices include Cairo, Sana’a, Baghdad, Basra, Ukhta and Kiev, overseeing operations in eight countries namely Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Oman, Ukraine, Latvia, Russia and Pakistan. Our participation interests range from 15% to 100% across our exploration and producing assets, providing a balance of risk diversification with significant upside exploration potential.
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