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Ref: HP129-57
Al Mana Luxury

The Role

The Role

Within the general organization of the store, the job holder reports to the Store Manager (SM) or works under the authority of the Assistant Store Manager (ASM) to whom he/she is attached.


The Sales Associate or Sales Advisor (SA) responsibilities include:

• Being the customer's first impression of the Brand name, by conveying warmth, courtesy, elegance, along with the other elements that make up the Brand style,

• Developing the sales in his/her sector, always in keeping with the quality of products and the excellence of service that the Brand extends to its customers,

• Communicating enthusiasm for the Brands products and for their intrinsic value (quality, beauty, usefulness...)

1 - Sales Responsibilities:

To welcome the customer with a smile, to make eye contact, and to try to acknowledge him/her as soon as he/she has entered the store in such a way as to make him/her feel that his/her presence has been noticed and is welcome.

To take charge of the customer as soon as possible by pointing him/her in the direction of what he/she is looking for.

To make the customer feel comfortable by initiating a conversation that allows him/her to express the reasons for his/her visit to the store.

To use this contact to help the customer identify the product that he/she is seeking by taking the time to discover his/her basic needs or desires: converse, draw the customer out.

To take the time to argue for the sale by pointing out the product' advantages (material, colors, finishing,...) and its background (date of creation, anecdotes about its origins). This does not mean to persuade the sale at all costs, but more to seduce the customer in associating the advantages of the product with the desires and needs of the customer.

To show enthusiasm for the customer's choice at the conclusion of the sale.

To complete the administrative formalities, at the conclusion of a sale, prior to the customers settling of the bill.

To systematically offer to take the customer's references in order to permanently feed the customer Data Base and establish an ongoing list of existing and potential customers to develop.

To think of making an «associated » sale : not being satisfied with the sale of one product, but to direct the customer towards other articles, as well as towards other departments ; suggesting complimentary products.

To accompany the customer to the cash-desk, making sure that he/she does not have too long a wait, and overseeing if possible the correct running of the cash-desk.

To thank the customer for his/her visit in a natural and sincere manner, and if the time allows, to take him/her to the door.

2 - Administrative and Diverse Responsibilities:

To oversee, under the Store Manager's authority, that:

• The store is always merchandised correctly, and that the products are returned to their place after having been shown to a customer.

• The departments are always well stocked.

• The products are well stored or folded in order to prevent any damage.

In the case of a difficult sale or a delicate after-sales problem, to refer automatically to the Store Manager's decision.

In the case of a special order or an order to be delivered at a later date (product non available), follow the sale closely, making sure that the promised delivery date is upheld, the delivery conditions decided upon have been met and that the product is exactly as ordered. Notify the customer in case of problem.

To partake in management tasks associated with sales:

• Adhere to the administrative procedures concerning exchanges, returns, repairs...

• Undertake the responsibility for various management aspects individually entrusted to the job holder by the SM.

To follow up on all details of after-sales service:

• Sending the product back to the concerned department.

• Seeing that the product is returned in the quoted time frame.

• Providing the customer with the estimate.

• Notifying the customer when the product is ready.

To speak about problems met, either within the team or in customer relations,

To convey the customer's reactions to the products,

To propose ideas for improving the daily running of the sales sector.

To be involved in the presentation of the collections to the buyers in order to be up to date on the new products.

Generally speaking, all free time should be occupied. There should be no moment of inactivity in the store.

3 - Performance Criteria:

Punctuality, flexibility, reactivity.

Quality of contact with the customer.

Professionalism in services provided to the customer.

Individual contribution to the turnover in the sector.

Positive attitude within the sales team.

Familiarity with the products.



Retail exposure (Minimum experience of 1 year in sales)
Family or husband or transferable visa.
Positive attitude within the sales team.
Communication, time management and negotiation skills.
Fluent in read, written and spoken English/ Arabic is a plus.
Team player and friendly.
Smart presentation.

About the Company

About the Company

Al Mana Luxury Co. WLL is a new addition to S.H. Al Mana Group conglomerate and a part of our continuing expansion strategy; the company has secured world famous luxury brands to be represented in Bahrain, UAE and Qatar.

Established for over fifty years, S.H. Al Mana Group is ranked amongst the largest companies in Qatar.
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