Senior Architect

Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB)
Doha, Qatar

Ref: LP545-24
Arab Engineering Bureau (AEB)

The Role

The Role


Adheres and complies to standards set for execution of implementation of design works.
Prepares architectural project drawings with consistency in accuracy, neatness and presentation.
Attends to any direct instructions from PHAD regarding the development and progress of the production design drawings.
Ensures design works are submitted on time as per scheduled.



Generic Competencies required / desired for the role:

High Level of
Knowledge in CAD Standards and software
Problem Solving Skills
Results Orientation
Ability to Work Under Pressure
Communication Skills
Team Playing Abilities

Degree in Architecture or equivalent
8+ years of relevant experience


Only those with PORTFOLIO will be evaluated.


About the Company

About the Company

Arab Engineering Bureau was first established in 1966, as the first Engineering office in Qatar and its activities were primarily architectural design and supervision. Over some 40 years, AEB has evolved into what can truly be recognized as a state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary international consultancy with projects spanning all sectors not only in Qatar but also Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Yemen and Sudan.

1991 was a milestone in the history of AEB when it was acquired by the award winning architect, Mr. Ibrahim Mohd. Jaidah. Under his guidance, a new philosophy with the aim of providing quality output at the highest standards using the state-of-the-art technologies has been adopted. This new approach has resulted in the development of an unique architectural methodology, which reflects the present development of the country and where appropriate, preserves and expresses the traditional Qatar architecture. With this as the cornerstone, AEB has transformed from a small-scale business into a full-fledged design consultancy, keenly following the pulse of the consultancy climate of Qatar and the Gulf Region.

Today, AEB has a staff strength nearing 400 from 20 countries and its activities covering the whole spectrum of architectural and associated disciplines. With more than 1, 000 projects undertaken in Qatar and throughout the Middle East, AEB is well on the way to becoming a major player in the world of architectural consultancy.
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