Senior Estimator / Tendering Manager

Arabian Construction Company (ACC)

Ref: KP516-21
Arabian Construction Company (ACC)

The Role

The Role

Examine and review the projects’ tender document specifications meticulously.

- Help in the preparation of the tender submissions concerning the commercial / financial documents for the concerned project.

- Provide a summary sheet of the contract price of the project.

- Provide a detailed BOQ that shows the total quantities and selling prices of the contract.

- Present a cost breakdown of the following subdivisions:
- Local Material
- Imported Material
- Equipment
- Manpower / Labor
- Services

- Develop and present a detailed analysis of the overhead costs that should include:
- Supervision Costs.
- Plant Costs.
- Site Running Costs.
- Consultant Site Facilities and Running Costs.
- Provide the selling breakdown analysis for the overheads, profits, and bank charges.

- Develop a analysis of the directly executed works to include:
- Analysis of the direct cost mainly material costs, labor costs, and accessories costs, all in relation to the contract BOQ.



- Understand the method statement and the scope and sequence of the works of the project.

- Knowledgeable in the project scope of works.

- Knowledgeable in material procurement.

- Be knowledgeable about the production rates of machinery and labor (man hours).

- Familiar with the direct and indirect costs of labor, material, equipment, and subcontracts.

Experience Requirements:
- Should have at least 15 years of experience in the construction field.
- Should have 12-15 years of experience in a similar position.

Education and Special Training Skills:
- Should hold a bachelor degree in civil engineering from a reputable university.
- Sufficient computer skills.
- Excellent Arabic and English.

About the Company

About the Company

Arabian Construction Company (ACC) is a dynamic and progressive organization that has grown to become a leader in its industry.

ACC has been operating since 1967, through a comprehensive regional network all over the Middle-East.

From power generation and desalination plants, to factories, hotels, hospitals, and intricately sophisticated smart buildings: ACC’s track record is a prestigious list of efficiently delivered projects.

ACC’s management consists of highly qualified professionals with a distinguished track record in the region.

ACC’s staff have always taken-on the challenge of broadening fields of operations and increasingly complex work standards over the past 40 years. In doing so, they have constantly acquired new skills and expertise that kept them ahead in the industry.
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