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Ref: MP944-08
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The Role

The Role

Job Purpose:

1. Responds to Fire, Hydrocarbon and Toxic Gas Release, Rescue and Fire Loss Control related situations within Jebel Dhanna Terminal facilities. Prevents and minimizes loss of life and property damage as a result of fire, gas release incidents, vehicle accident and rescue situations. During this activity supervises fire service personnel and auxiliary fire team members as appropriate and assumes responsibility of ‘Incident Commander’ until relieved by a more senior fire officer.

2. Supervises and directs the activities of a shift team of fire fighters involved in fire fighting, oil and gas release control measures, rescue and medical emergencies. Supervises all testing, inspection and repair of all fire and life support equipment, BA, portable fire extinguishers and the testing and maintenance of a range of fire fighting vehicles, systems and equipment ensuring 24/7 availability.

3. Work covers all Jebel Dhanna facilities including process, tank storage farm, warehouse, administration and accommodation facilities. Post holder works on an 8 hour day/night shift basis and is required if necessary to respond to emergency incidents outside of his normal working shift.

Principal Accountability:

(i) Supervises and directs a shift team of firefighters involved in fire fighting, oil and gas release control measures, rescue, vehicle resue and medical emergencies. Monitors specialist stand-bys, hot work stand-by duties using fire fighting equipment, breathing apparatus and specialist rescue equipment during plant routine maintenance and project works etc.

(ii) Supervises the testing and maintenance of a range of fire fighting vehicles and major storage tank fire fighting systems and portable equipment.

(iii) Supervises shift team involved in routine maintenance and testing of firemain hydrants, isolation valves and the testing / repair of fire hose and associated equipment. Directs and monitors the testing and repair of breathing apparatus, life support and resuscitation equipment. Supervises repairs and the site replacement of portable fire extinguishing equipment throughout the Jebel Dhanna Terminal facilities.

(iv) Supervises firefighters during the use of air compressors for recharging breathing apparatus and carbon dioxide compressor / dry chemical machines for recharging fire fighting portable extinguishers.

(v) Maintains all records associated with shift team activities, including daily pre-use checks, maintenance and testing of fire fighting equipment, extinguisher site replacement, hot work stand-bys, shift manning and maintenance of life support equipment. During routine and emergency situations performs medical First Aid duties as required.

(vi) Participates on a daily basis in both practical and theoretical training to maintain the required professional skills, including regular use of Jebel Dhanna fire training ground facilities. This results in exposure to heat, flame, smoke, steam and a range of fire fighting agents.

(vii) Participates fully in all ADCO HSE programs, including occupational health requirements and ensuring compliance with all HSE regulations.



1. Completion of secondary education certificate.

2. 6 years experience involved in Fire Fighting, Rescue and Support activities, Fire Protection, Fire Prevention, Emergency Response and the use of Life Support equipment utilised within the Aviation, Oil and Gas Industry.

3. Recongised Fire Service Examinations and for Fire & Rescue Shift Supervisors.

4. Trained and qualified competent by Manufacturer to maintain life support equipment.

5. Holds a valid First Aid Certificate.

6. Good knowledge of the English Language.

7. Possession of a valid light and heavy goods vehicle driving licence.

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About the Company

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