Senior SME/ RCAD Officer – SME Safe Custody

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ref: LP452-87
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)

The Role

The Role

1. To ensure that all security, charge and source documents are received in original along with checklist duly signed by documentation officer, sign the checklist prior to input of documents details in Electronic Document Lodgement Register (EDLR) in confirmation that all documents noted in the checklist are physically attached therein.

2. Lodging and safekeeping of security documents, in appropriate order, in a file for each borrower.

3. To keep the EDLR/Physical files updated all the time.

4. To record movement of security file.

5. Generating Exception Reports on monthly basis related to expired and deficient documents for business units.

6. To maintain proper record on obsolete / settled facility documents.

Responsibilities :

1. Ensuring all documents marked in the checklist are submitted and physically available; signs the checklist with DV officer.

2. Maker Inputs and Checker authorizes the entry of security / charge/source documents received from Documentation Vetting Officer in the EDLR ensuring completeness and correctness of data entered.

3. Maker Inputs, Checker authorizes (Checker) the entry of deferred/deficient documents in EDLR as approved by appropriate approving authority.

4. Generating Monthly Exceptions Report (MER) capturing the expired deferrals/ expired time bound documents and deficient documents. Forwarding and escalating the MER to concerned parties.

5. Generating reports for all deferrals/time bound documents expiring in next two months.

6. Generating monthly report on guarantees expiring within a specified period, forwarding such report along with copies of the guarantees to TFD for lodgment of claim with issuing banks (to either pay or renew these guarantees.)

7. Updating the EDLR and Exception Report whenever requirements of any of exceptions are fulfilled after verification of documents.

8. Temporary release of documents to External/Internal auditors for checking of documents in the presence of safe custody officer. This shall be allowed with formal request, by making entry in Temporary Release Register and after getting the signature of the concerned auditor on the register. SCO to ensure that same is returned for safekeeping by end of the day.

9. Providing copies of security documents to relevant business units after obtaining approval/concurrence of Senior Manager DVU.

10. Providing EDLR Register (This reflects list of security documents held in a client’s file) & Exceptions report to DU officers on daily basis.

11. Updating /capturing of temporary release of security documents in EDLR as and when approved by appropriate approving authority.

12. Ensuring that obsolete/settled facility documents are removed from the folders and filed separately in Box Files under proper numbering and record and sent to Archives as per Bank policy.

13. Maintaining jointly with another Safe Custody Officer the keys of the strong room as well as the Key Control Register.

14. Ensuring Fire system for Safe Custody Room always “ON”, in running condition and system checking / maintenance is conducted at least once in year in liaison with General Services Department.

15. Maintaining jointly with another Safe Custody Officer the keys of the strong room as well as the Key Control Register and change the keys every year.



•College or University Graduate

Work Experience:

•Minimum 4 years banking experience, of which a minimum 2 years should be in a position of Safe Custody of Security Documents.

•Computer Literacy and proficiency in MS office applications is a must.

About the Company

About the Company

ADCB was incorporated on 1 July 1985 as a public joint stock company for an unlimited duration in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE. ADCB is registered under the UAE Federal Commercial Companies Law No. (8) of 1984 under registration number 4 and operates in the UAE under a banking licence issued by the Central Bank of the UAE.

ADCB provides a range of consumer and corporate banking, Islamic banking, trade finance, structured finance, foreign exchange, derivatives, and financial advisory services, primarily in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, ADCB’s subsidiary Abu Dhabi commercial Islamic Finance PSC holds an Islamic banking license.

As at 31 December 2010, ADCB operated 47 branches, 4 pay offices and 265 ATMs in the UAE; 4 new branches and 99 new ATMs were added during 2010. ADCB also operated 2 branches in India.
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