Technical Manager – Functional System Engineering

Bangalore, India

Ref: LP352-26

The Role

The Role

A unique opportunity for Functional System Engineering (FSE) competency has arisen to work in Bangalore, India with a wholly owned Rolls-Royce subsidiary - Rolls-Royce Operations India Pvt Ltd (RROIPL), who is responsible for developing and managing engineering capacity in India for RR plc. Currently RROIPL manage a capacity in excess of 700 engineers at Bangalore on various competencies through Engineering Service Organisations (ESO) for providing 'engineering services' to Rolls-Royce plc. You will join the existing Rolls-Royce Team of 12 +, working in a demanding and challenging environment to meet the Global Engineering Strategy of Rolls-Royce (RR).

This will be permanent role based in Bangalore, India on RROIPL local terms & conditions.
The FSE competency includes Engine Performance across life cycle; Fluids, Noise, & CFD analysis; and Performance & Noise Key Systems (Software aspects). A few non-FSE but related areas like CFD coding and Engine Health Monitoring (on-wing data inspection) are also included.

Purpose of Job:

To support resourcing the RR businesses and technically direct and programme manage the Indian Engineering resources selected to work in the RROIPL office to deliver 'off-shored' solutions in FSE and related competencies, in line with Rolls-Royce requirements, standards and best practice. The current team size for this competency is close to 50 engineers.

To support the General Manager in the management of the RROIPL Office as an operational business within a customer focused environment
Principal Accountabilities:

1. Drive & Engage with the RR businesses/key RR stakeholders on FSE and related competencies across the Globe to identify strategic load opportunities, support the business with processes to offshore these activities and convert these in to RROIPL capacity commitments
2. Ensure that the resourcing (i.e. ESO usage) strategy is defined /agreed with RR businesses/functions for the engineering capacity requested from RROIPL and implemented accordingly
3. Ensure that the RROIPL Office is provided with appropriately capable and experienced ESO resource to meet Rolls-Royce changing requirements.
4. Ensure that the ESO supplied resource is trained in Rolls-Royce specific skills, tools and processes, by defining with Rolls-Royce specific 'on-site' & re-fresh 'Process Application' training programmes, or by actively working with Rolls-Royce specialists to deliver 'off-shore' training and also ensuring that the ESO s provide offshore training to resources on relevant Engineering skills
5. Measure and monitor the capability of the ESO resource within the RROIPL Office, assist in the identification of skill gaps to meet the complexity of the work to be 'off-shored', recommend/agree the technical development strategies with ESO and Rolls-Royce and ensure that the ESO delivers timely capability growth/development
6. Ensuring that work into the facility has been adequately described by Rolls Royce and is understood by the ESO resource from a technical & programme management perspective.
7. Where required, validate proposals and programme plans to deliver the task from a technical and programme perspective.
8. Provide Technical direction/guidance and ensuring that all tasks / solutions undertaken by the resource, are performed in compliance with the Rolls-Royce Quality Requirements
9. Ensure that ESO programme manage the resource against the agreed programme plan; deliver tasks solutions to schedule, cost and standard. Facilitate any required technical or programme changes through the 'Change Management' process. Monitor the KPI's for FSE competency with key focus on recruitment/retention performance, Competency, Utilization /Forward load, quality, delivery tracking and Onsite /Offshore ratio
10. Facilitate the ESO resource to regularly, openly and clearly report programme status & technical compliance to Rolls-Royce, taking into consideration local customs, cultural practices, differences and any language difficulties.
11. Ensure that the resources are fully utilised by Rolls-Royce to maximise the value to RR businesses/functions


In conjunction with the above accountabilities the following responsibilities are required in order to complete the full dimensions of the role:
1. Support the General Manager in operating the facility within financial budgetary constraints, reporting appropriate and agreed measures of performance on a regular basis to demonstrate progress and to develop the required relationships to grow the business in to RROIPL
2. To work as a joint coordinated team with the existing RROIPL Technical leads and support the organisation to achieve the objectives. Build necessary relationships/ networks with key RR engineering stakeholders in FSE around the Globe (Skill owners, function heads etc)
3. At all times ensure the security of Rolls Royce data and its IPR.
4. Act as an RR contact in RROIPL to ensure that appropriate support is provided in terms of installing, maintaining, updating, and renewing various engine decks and relevant engineering tools and applications, whether in-house or available commercially.



Candidate should have the following as a minimum:

• Must have 10+ years experience working for an internationally recognized company (preferably aerospace) in engine performance, with good engineering appreciation of Fluids, Noise, and CFD analysis.
• Should have good understanding of the types, architecture, and operation of aero gas turbines, aero-thermodynamics of engine components, components' definition / maps, component matching, cycle analysis, ratings and controls, operability, and role of engine performance across life cycle.
• Good understanding of thermodynamic modeling and digital simulation of aero gas turbines, and analysis using engine performance models / engine decks. Hands-on experience preferred.
• Good understanding of supporting engine testing, engine data analysis trending and interpretation, troubleshooting, and test bed re-approvals and cross-calibration. Hands-on experience preferred.
• Should have skills to support additional competencies like Fluids, Noise, CFD, CFD coding, software development, & engine health monitoring. Additional expertise in any of these areas is desirable.
• Be able to extend the understanding of aero gas turbines to energy gas turbines as well.
• Be able to build and consolidate capability in current as well as new work streams
• Possess excellent project and program management skills developed through the implementation of various projects
• Demonstrated and proven leadership & resource management skills through, building and managing effective teams
• Possess key competencies related to Customer focus, standing alone & dealing with ambiguity
• Possess the flexibility and interpersonal skills to operate effectively with teams from different cultures, locations and backgrounds.

About the Company

About the Company

Rolls-Royce is a global business providing integrated power systems for use on land, at sea and in the air. The Group has a balanced business portfolio with leading market positions.

Our name is one of our most valuable assets. It helps open doors, it attracts talented people, it differentiates us and it is a reassurance of trust in our technical capability.

Today, our brand means more than engineering excellence. It is a standard of quality across all our activities. Our brand guides our actions and behaviours and the way we present ourselves to the world as a leading-edge, international power-systems business.

It is at the heart of everything we do and everything we say. As a global company, active in 50 countries with governments, partners, customers and suppliers, having a strong, consistent brand is a great asset.

Great brands are driven by a powerful central organising thought.

'To be Trusted to Deliver Excellence’ is our central organising thought. It is what we aspire to become. It is the embodiment of the promise we make to our customers. In today’s competitive environment, it is not enough to build great products: our customers are looking to us to deliver the best in service solutions. When we do, we build enduring relationships with our customers, partners and other stakeholders.

As the emphasis shifts towards transparency and high standards of governance and ethics, the integrity of our brand demonstrates our commitment to providing clean, affordable power to drive economic and social development in a responsible way.
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