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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

This course is a real-world exposition, based on almost twenty years of actual implementation, on what organizations need to do, to build a customer centric organization that drives service excellence. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

Get a solid understanding of what service excellence and customer-centricity are, and why they are important for any organization in general, and yours.

Assess where your organization stands in relation to its ideal customer-centric state.

Clearly understand how you should view customer service across the entire client journey; what targets to set, how and why.

Properly engage employees and clients meaningfully to develop sustained programs; define your strategy and tactical game-plans, to implement.

Learn how to continuously ensure you stay ahead of the curve and either adapt quickly to or create value added client needs.

Who should take this course

CXO, COO, Business Leaders Department Heads & Senior Managers from Operations Customer service, Quality Assurance Customer Experience Customer Engagement Customer Escalation Services Excellence Hoteliers and Many more

Course content

Workshop Objective

Importance of Customer Service Excellence.

Organizational Pillars for Operationalizing Customer Service Excellence Service Excellence Delivery.

Creating Roadmap of Customer Service Excellence.

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