Customer Relationships

Qatar, Doha
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Discover and experience this fantastic fast-moving opportunity for you to experience the benefits of creating successful, long-lasting customer relationships which will help your organisation and your customers in the future. In this practical and inspirational course, you will get lots of hands-on participation; finding out the true value of customer loyalty and how your customers will benefit from a successful customer experience with you. Discover what your current situation is and discover skills that will help you make your business profitable. This fascinating course gives you a thorough understanding of customer behaviour and in-depth interpretation of customer personality styles in order to create the right strategy and approach to benefit both your customers and your business.

Expected Outcome

This course is an excellent opportunity for you to gain a thorough understanding of your customer experience. Putting you in the position of your customer, you will find out the true meaning of customer relationships; matching familiar sounds and emotions to better support your customers in the future. This essential course will give you all the intelligence you need to create an excellent relationship with every customer that comes into contact with you and your business.

Who should take this course

Everyone involved with Customer Service


Certificate of Completion

Course content

Day 1

 Be a customer – Look “outside the window” and think “outside of the box”  Understand your Customers’ Journey and explore how you fit into their story  Customers – A journey through the years; has it taken us where it was expected?  Different styles of a Customer – what they mean and how we deal with them  Loyal customer – break down the behaviour  Fundamentals of loyalty – How do they determine the personality of the relationships?  Loyalty through communication  'Be part of your Customer's story' to start building the relationship  Have a vision and values and share them freely with your customers

Day 2

 Explore your customers’ vision  Importance of 'Care' in our interactions with our Customers  Empathy and Emotional intelligence  Select your team carefully  Train your team to be ready for your customers  Importance of Internal customers – connection with the external customers
 New customers vs existing customers  Operational challenges – Identify, attack, minimise impact

Day 3

 Branding  Communication skills  Presentation skills  Sales skills  The right initiatives lead to success  Work under pressure – how to build and manage different customer relationships at the same time  Listen to feedback and complaints  Commitment wheel

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A dynamic and forward-thinking boutique consultancy, we provide executive staffing, bespoke learning solutions and consultancy services to the private and public sectors.

Greek for ‘the two of us’, our name Diomas embodies the belief that ‘two minds are better than one’. This is exactly what we represent in all of our projects; collaborative engagement to maximum effect. We apply this philosophy in everything we do; ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.

It’s more than just the two of us though. We believe that there’s nothing more powerful than the combination of your organisation and our collaborative thinking – the two of us working closely together. Collaboration with you enables us to define the best possible outcomes for your business. Which is why we’re incredibly proud of the results that our valued clients are enjoying.

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