Product Launch and Management

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A decade ago, the practice of product launch was not even recognized. Companies somehow got their products to market, but no one really knew how they did it. Today, companies must be smarter. If products aren't properly launched, companies can't generate revenues, grow, or even survive.With today's dynamic economy and the pressures to be more competitive and profitable, solid launch processes are even more critical.

Product launch is not well understood. Some people think of 'launch' as a one-time announcement. In fact, the practice of product launch includes all of the work done during the three months before a product is made available to the market. Product launch is usually homeless; it doesn't quite fit in the marketing or product management groups. Because businesses are in such a hurry to get to market, product launch may be done by whoever is available, and with no documented processes to follow. In the case of startups or entrepreneurs, the problem is worse because there are fewer resources and no business processes. Successful launches require a solid mix of project management and marketing skills, and a simple, realistic process to follow.

Who should take this course

All staff concerned with their organization's growth and profitability. This could include business development managers, marketing, sales, product and brand managers, Research and Development managers and personnel, managing directors and directors involved in product launch and management.



Course content

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Examine all aspects of the New Product Development (NPD) process, and the factors influencing all the stages involved in a successful NPD.
  • Identify a variety of launch success factors that will improve launch process planning and execution.
  • Point out ways for companies to avoid launch ruts by adopting techniques that appeal to today's consumers.
  • Understand the importance of using media vehicles to ignite the product launch process and increase the viability of the new product.
  • Prepare product launch checklists and budgets to overcome roadblocks and manage the launch process.

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