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Course Overview

Course Overview

Website designing is a process of creating a website making use of graphics that are very creative and have great functionality. In website designing training, the most significant things are content, attractive look, superior layout, and ease of access to the website on all devices. Creating responsive websites that are optimized for Desktops, Tabs and Mobiles is important. SpotOn training institute is offering the finest Website Designing training in Dubai which can help you master the course. In our Website Designing training center, we have added the BootStrap Framework, which assists in designing websites that are highly responsive.   We know that today, many companies are asking for websites that are very responsive in nature. Their clients also say that they like only those websites which are optimized well with desktops, tabs, and mobiles. So, learning as per the needs of the clients has been the key always. So, get quality training which helps you learn the key aspects of web design and it will automatically help in giving a boost to your career.

Who should take this course

Web Site creater,web developer,digital marketing & media professinals


Basic computer Knowledge & media career seeking professionals


KHDA Certificate

Course content

We provide training on a range of things that help you in easy learning of this course. Some of the things which we make you learn include:

Photoshop Dream weaver HTML JavaScript css     Course Outline:  Introduction to the Photoshop Elements of Design Tools Fundamentals of Design Editing Images PRINT & WEB OUTPUT Filters View and Window settings Projects

HTML:   HTML is very important for designing a website. So, throughout this training, you will learn about the fundamental structure of the web, HTML. You will understand how to utilize a tree-like structure to build websites. You will know how to apply styling to a website with the help of CSS. Also, you will learn about selectors, browser’s developer tools, CSS syntax, units, and code editors. The topics include: Web Development Overview Web Pages types Introduction to HTML structure of HTML tag Forms & form elements Migration from HTML4 to HTML5

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