30 Day Challenge - Learn To Play The Harmonica in One Month!

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About this Course:

  • 30 day harmonica challenge.
  • 2 minutes a day only.

Do one lecture a day (just 2 minutes) and a little practice, and you will be playing ok after just one month. I know it sounds bonkers but that's what will happen if you follow the course and do a little practise. DO NOT take this course if you have already taken the 7 day challenge. No videos in this course are used in any other course. However, whilst all the teaching, approach, videos, and scheduling are different, both courses are for beginners so cover the same beginners basics so DO NOT take this course if you have already taken the 7 day challenge. Take this course and play the harmonica instantly. No musical experience needed. You will pick it up straight away without needing any music skills. This is easy to play and really fun to learn. You will be proud of your achievements and happy with the results.

'INSTANT HARMONICA' is a new series of courses where you learn one tune or technique per course. You will find it is taught in a friendly and encouraging manner and most importantly it is taught v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.

Ben Hewlett is a very experienced music teacher who is able to be very patient and methodical. Each lecture will introduce you to the next group of notes - usually just 4 new notes and that's it. This method is very easy for you to pick up the tunes as they are repeated over and over again until you have got it. You can even re-run the video if you find it useful. Take one course and learn your favourite tune. The try another. Remember you can always get your money back if you wish but otherwise you have lifetime access to the course. Imagine how amazing it will feel when you whip out your harmonica and play this tune - your friends and family will carry you shoulder high in triumph. Hopefully they don't carry you out of town and dump you in the river, but hey, swimming's good as well. The health benefits of playing the harmonica are well documented - google it. Your lungs get exercised, your lung capacity increases, aerobic movement is good for you, playing music makes you smarter they say.

Basic knowledge:

  • You need nothing for this course - just a harmonica - 10 hole diatonic in the key of C and two minutes a day free to watch a lecture

Who should take this course

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for complete beginners but intermediate players will also benefit; you don't need any musical experience, I'll walk you through the whole thing very slowly step by step. If you are an advanced player you will cover the whole thing very fast and you may find it is too slow for you
  • People who have played before and got in a rut can use this pain-free way to get going again in just 2 mins a day
  • PLEASE DO NOT take this course if you have already taken the 7 day challenge. Whilst all the teaching, approach, videos, scheduling and aims are different, both courses are for beginners so cover the same beginners basics


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • You will be able to play the harmonica!
  • You will reduce your friends to tears with your playing
  • You will learn a huge amount about the harmonica in a very short time
  • You will understand where you want to go with the harmonica - tunes, rock, blues, folk, jazz?
  • You will have fun playing and learning a new skill
  • You will get a sense of achievement getting the hang of a musical instrument in a very short time
  • You will be able to play the harmonica!

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