60-Minute Kotlin Quick Start for Java Developers

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Kotlin in one hour?!

Well, yes!

Why an hour? Because that's all you need as an experienced developer!

We'll see the basics constructs of the language - variables, conditionals, loops, strings and arrays. Being an experienced developer you probably don't need an explanation of "what a loop is" but you want to see how loop is done in Kotlin. This is my attitude through all this course - I won't waste your time in telling you things you already know. I'll try to show you new things and give you the direction to go on.

Developers: want a fast introduction to Kotlin? If you're familiar with Java, I can help you get up to speed in just a couple of of hours.

Kotlin is a fascinating new language that's attracted lots of attention, including from Google. In this short course you'll get to know Kotlin and its essentials. You'll be able to start writing code in no time.

  • If you are an experienced developer and heard the buzz about Kotlin - this course is for you.
  • If you are a Java developer and want to dive into Kotlin, I'll help you translate your Java knowledge into Kotlin expertise in no time.
  • If you are a Java developer and heard all those talking about Kotlin, but you don't know where to start - start here. Your java knowledge will be translated quickly into kotlin.

In this course I'll show you the essentials of this young and amazing language. We'll work with the IntelliJ IDE but if you just want to taste the language without any downloads or installations - that's fine, I'll introduce the Kotlin Playground which is a great tool for writing and evaluating Kotlin on line without any configurations.

  • We'll see how Kotlin's functions work, and how functional programming is done in Kotlin.
  • We'll see how OOP is done in Kotlin and what are the main improvements over java.

Finally, I'll give you some suggestions to what else can be done and which topics you might want to get interested in the Kotlin's ecosystem.

Hope you choose to take this course and get to know Kotlin, a fascinating new language!

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"As a senior Android developer, i've searched for a brief and practical Kotlin course that include all the information to get started with the new language. this course does exactly it - took me all the way from IDE setup to the little but crucial differences from Java. All in all - great value for money"

Basic knowledge:

  • A knowledge in programming (Java or other language) is required

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Any one who desires to learn it.


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  • Go from Experienced Java Developer to Kotlin in One Hour

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