Abnormal Psychology

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

This Abnormal Psychology course is the perfect opportunity. Abnormal Psychology is a division of Psychology that deals with any behaviour deemed to be unusual which cannot be categorised by a known mental illness. This specialist area is particularly useful in the field of clinical psychology, so if you hope to study clinical psychology, or hope to become a clinical psychologist, then this course would be ideal.

Who should take this course

• This course would be very suitable for anyone hoping to go on to higher study, or those hoping to work in Psychology, particularly clinical psychology. • This course would also benefit people hoping to go on to further study of psychology.

Career options after graduation

This course could help you become any of the following: • Clinical Psychologist • Counsellor • Educational Psychologist • Forensic Psychologist • Health Psychologist • Occupational Psychologist • Sports Psychologist



Course content

Course Curriculum 1. What Is Abnormal Psychology? & Clinical Research. 2. What Is Biological Psychology? 3. The Psychodynamic Behavioural And Abnormal Functioning Models 4. The Cognitive Model, And The Humanistic-Existential Model Of Abnormal Functioning 5. The Sociocultural Model And Abnormal Functioning 6. What Is The Diathesis Stress Model In Psychology? 7. Clinical Assessment Of Psychological Disorders 8. Understanding Mood And Managing Anxiety Disorders 9. Understanding Somatoform And Managing Stress Disorders 10. What Is Dissociative Disorder And Anorexia Nervosa? 11. Sexual Dysfunction & Gender Identity Disorders 12. Overview Of Substance And Psychotic Use Disorders 13. Introduction To Cognitive And Lifespan Development Disorders 14. Types Of Personality And Factitious Disorders 15. Treatments Of Abnormality And Ethical And Legal Issues

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