Acrylic Painting: Venice Scene

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Course Overview

Are you an enthusiastic painter? A fan of Impressionism? This course will introduce you to the techniques used by Impressionist painters. Whether you’re an amateur, or advanced painter looking to brush up on your skills: learn how to bring your work to life in acrylic and oil.

With a focus on light, the course will teach you how to bring a luminous quality to your work. Learn how to create a painting “alla prima” in one sitting. A Venetian scene will provide the inspiration and reference point for your own canvas.

Professional Fine Artist invites you to paint along with him during the course, or watch how it’s done to get you ready for your next painting.

Who should take this course

  • Anyone with a love of painting

  • Amateur painters

  • Painters looking to develop their skills

  • Advanced painters who want to get fresh ideas and inspiration

  • Anyone who wants to see a skilled artist in action

Course content

Part 1 – Welcome To Impressionism: painting with light

  • Introduction to the tutor and Impressionism

  • Impressionism and Painting Concepts

  • The Four Main Painting Concepts

Part 2 – Preliminary Drawing Study

  • Preliminary Drawing Study: why it’s so important

  • Drawing Study Part 1: Middle value and line drawing

  • Drawing Study Part 2: Dark values

  • Drawing Study Part 3: Light values

  • Summary For Preliminary Drawing Study

Part 3 – Underpainting

  • What An Underpainting Is, And Why It Is So Important

  • Underpainting Part 1: Middle value and simple line drawing

  • Underpainting Part 2: Dark Values

  • Underpainting Part 3: Light Values

  • Underpainting Part 4: Cleaning your palette

  • Underpainting Summary

Part 4 – Opaque Painting

  • Opaque Painting Part 1: Sky

  • Opaque Painting Part 2: Buildings on left side

  • Opaque Painting Part 3: Buildings on the left side details

  • Opaque Painting Part 4: Buildings on the right side

  • Opaque Painting Part 5: Right side bulidings details and bridge

  • Opaque Painting Part 6: Boats in the foreground

  • Opaque Painting Part 7: Water

  • Opaque Painting Part 8: Water reflections

  • Opaque Painting Summary

Part 5 – Wrapping Up

  • Adding Finishing Touches To Your Painting

  • Wrapping Up

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