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Course Overview

Learn to create digital graphics, illustrations and typography for all kinds of media: print, web, interactive, video and mobile. Learn and master Adobe with this Adobe Illustrator. You'll learn drawing basics like how to create and transform shapes, before delving into other essential techniques like working with fills and strokes, measuring objects, and adding text and effects. You will learn how to use selection tools, create and save new documents, how to navigate, and how to use Adobe Bridge. You'll learn how to export and print files from Illustrator to share your work. You will also learn to paint with brushes, apply special effects, and export to other file formats.

On completion of the course, you will be prepared to start create your own vector images.

Who should take this course

Anyone Interested


Certificate of Achievement

Course content


Introduction to Illustrator:

  • Why Adobe Illustrator?
  • Using Selection Tools
  • Creating New Documents
  • Saving Adobe Illustrator Files
  • Navigating in Illustrator
  • Managing Workspaces
  • Using Adobe Bridge

Drawing Basics:

  • Creating Basic Shapes
  • Creating Additional Shapes
  • Using the Drawing Tools
  • Mastering the Pen Tool
  • Editing Shapes
  • Understanding Layers

Measuring and Transforming Objects:

  • Working with Rulers and Guides
  • Discovering the Transform Panel
  • Using Transform Tools

Applying Fills and Strokes:

  • Editing Fills
  • Modifying Strokes
  • Creating Gradients
  • Working with CC Libraries

Setting Type:

  • Using Type Tools
  • Adding Type on a Path
  • Discovering Type Panels
  • Inserting Special Characters
  • Working with Typekit

Painting with Brushes:

  • Discovering the Brush Panel
  • Creating Custom Brushes
  • Using the Blob Brush

Applying Effects:

  • Using the Appearance Panel
  • Understanding the Effects Menu
  • Using Transparency

Exporting from Illustrator:

  • Exporting to Other Formats
  • Creating PDF's
  • Understanding Metadata
  • Printing in Illustrator
  • Conclusion
  • Course recap
  • Course Certification
  • Order your Certificate

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