Adobe Lightroom CC: Landscape Photography Masterclass 2018

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About this Course:

Hi, my name is Fabian Robhirt. I've been a professional landscape photographer and Lightroom instructor for over 5 years and I'm currently teaching more than 7500 people.

Get more out of your photos and take your image processing skills to the next level. I will show you effective and professional techniques, how you can edit your RAW files perfectly in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. We will also shortly Adobe Photoshop for the final sharpening and a special effect. In today's world, image processing is necessary to get stunning photographs and to take advantage of the technical possibilities. And the best: It also can make a lot of fun to edit photos - if you know how to do that. Let me show this to you!

To see some before - after comparisons, please watch the course preview.

How is this course structured?

  • Basics: At the beginning I introduce you to Adobe Lightroom. I will show you all the important features and explain how to import, edit and export photos. I won't bore you with unimportant theory. We will jump right into many practical exercises after the introduction.
  • Part 01: Now I present you my workflow by showing you a complete processing of the first image. Here you will learn how to edit your photos, step-by-step and with a detailed explanation.
  • Part 02: In this section I will show you the development of a night-photo. You will learn how to steer the viewer's eye and increase the dynamics by using visual effects. Here we will also briefly use Photoshop to add a special effect.
  • Part 03: Bad weather does not mean bad photo: Have you ever made that experience? Sometimes you really do not have the right conditions for taking an optimal photo. But unfortunately we cannot influence the weather. I show you how to make a great picture out of a supposedly boring photo. Discover the power that Adobe Lightroom Classic CC offers to you.
  • Part 04: In this part we will repeat a lot of what you have learned so far and apply the knowledge to a fourth photo. You'll see that with my tricks you can get so much more out of your RAW files. We also talk about the importance of colors in landscape photography.
  • Part 05: This lesson will be amazing. We will edit together my most successful landscape image. With that photo I have won 2 competitions and it also got published in a famous magazine. I tell you all my secrets and explain to you how I achieved that spectacular photo out of the RAW image captured with the camera.
  • Part 06: Autumn pictures need a special treatment because of their colors, that they catch the viewer and still look natural. I'll show you everything you need to know to edit your waterfall photos with Lightroom.
  • Bonus: You will receive 11 Lightroom Presets, which I have specially developed for you. With these, you can give your images a whole new look with just one click. In addition I give you all the RAW files I use in this course for explanation. This allows you to put the theory directly into practice and bring routine into your image processing.

  • Further details about the structure can be found in the curriculum.

Short summary:

  • All explanations - step by step
  • Logical structure to make you familiar with the workflow
  • All RAW files and 11 Lightroom presets
  • Take advantage of my experiences and tricks as a professional landscape photographer
  • Personal support for questions (you can ask me anything)
  • Also works with the newest version of adobe lightroom classic cc
  • And much more
  • Updated for 2018
  • Im very happy to help you and i will answer all your questions! Also i'd like to see your progress and give you feedback on your edits with lightroom.

Basic knowledge:

  • All landscape photographers who want to deal with image processing in Lightroom and improve their photos

You need:

  • A PC or Mac
  • Lightroom Classic CC (at least version 6)

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

Any one who desires to learn it.


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • Learn the techniques to turn your ordinary landscape photo into amazing work of art
  • You'll be able to edit photos in Lightroom as you've seen them with your eyes
  • Master all the basic features of Adobe Lightroom
  • You'll be able to work out all the details from your photos
  • Your photos will shine in a completely new splendour
  • Learn how to work on any RAW image in Lightroom
  • I'll explain to you my best tricks and secrets to teach you all my knowledge of Lightroom

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