Advanced Diploma in Animal Psychology - Level 3

Can be taken anytime (12 months)
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Does your pet seem unhappy? And are you unsure about what you should do? Don’t waste another day with an unhappy pet. Their behaviour is telling you something and as their owner it is up to you to understand your pet’s situation. The Advanced Diploma in Animal Psychology – Level 3 is a comprehensive course that will enable pet owners and animal carers to build a steady relationship based on mutual understanding. The better you understand your pet the more effective your relationship will be. Animals react to experiences quite differently from humans.

Who should take this course

• The course is for professionals in the pet industry and animal lovers who want to learn animal psychology and ensure they raise a happy pet. • Individuals who want to learn how to care for pets properly. • Anyone who wants to learn about animal behaviour.

Career options after graduation

• Veterinary Assistant • Pet Care Pro • Pet Care Associate • Pet Care Attendant • Pet Care Specialist • Pet Sitter • Pet Groomer • Dog Walker • Pet Care Assistant



Course content

Course Curriculum 1: Domestication Of Pets How Pets Came From The Cold-1 2: Choosing A Pet For You 3: Normal Behaviour Of Dog When Your Pet Is Being True To His Nature 4: Juniors And Seniors Of Dogs And Their Behaviour ☑ Assignment ☑ Submit Your Assignment 5: If Dogs Can Talk 6: Calm The Pack Fear And Anxiety 7: Calm The Pack Aggression 8: How Well Do You Know Me The Colourful World Of Dogs Antics Explained ☑ Assignment ☑ Submit Your Assignment 9: Understanding Your Dogs 10: Elimination And Issues At Feeding Time 11: What Is The Normal Behaviour For A Cat 12: A Cat Is The Only Cat Who Knows Where Its At ☑ Assignment ☑ Submit Your Assignment 13: When You Have Had It With Your Cat Psychiatric Challenges 14: Cat On A Griddle 15: Aggression In Cats 16: Understanding The Rabbits ☑ Assignment ☑ Submit Your Assignment

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