Advertising & Marketing Diploma

Can be taken anytime (12 months)
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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Develop the essential, digitally relevant skills for the world of advertising, copy writing and marketing communications. This will open up opportunities in specialist agencies, integrated brand communications and client side brand management. This Advertising & Marketing Diploma offers the opportunity to develop the creativity, knowledge and skills to deliver successful global campaigns, in preparation for a career in the creative industries.

This diploma course aims to introduce topics such as buyer behaviour, brand development, the advertising process, media planning and global marketing, enabling students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the role of advertising and marketing in business and society. Learners have the opportunity to learn how to apply marketing techniques at both the strategic and operational levels, to implement creative advertising strategies and to develop an understanding of the importance of marketing and advertising in meeting business objectives

Who should take this course

• This online course will be of interest to people who wish to learn more about advertising and marketing or to advance their career prospects in the advertising and marketing arena while obtaining advertising and marketing certification. • This course is ideal for business owner who wish to connect the power of advertising and marketing to increase their prospects. • This course is also useful for Digital Marketing professionals, Marketing Executives, Marketing Assistants, Business Development Managers as well as others involved in Personal Relationship and Business Promotion.

Career options after graduation

This training course will lead you to different of career opportunities and few of them are: • Marketing Executives • Advertising and Sales Executive • Marketing Managers • Business Development Managers • Digital marketing manager • Advertising manager • Communications manager • Brand manager • Market researchers • Marketing consultants



Course content

Course Curriculum 1: Introduction To Marketing 2: Marketing Strategies For Competition 3: Analysis Of Marketing Environment 4: International Marketing Strategies 5: Consumer Behaviour 6: Marketing And Market Research 7: Market Segmentation 8: Marketing Mix 9: Product Life Cycle 10: Marketing Channel And Supply Chain 11: Promotion 12: Advertising 13: Customer Relationship 14: Sales Promotion 15: Selling 16: Pricing Strategies Recommended Books

About Course Provider

Global Edulink is a well-established Professional and Vocational training provider in the United Kingdom and it aims to meet the employment needs of the youth and people in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Global Edulink builds a bridge for the gap in employability skills, in response to the demands of a changing workforce. Global Edulink is widely known as a one of leading providers of high quality Employability Skills, professional & Vocational training and workforce development service and it has built up an excellent reputation of delivering of professional and vocational training throughout the UK and rest of the world.

The institute has been offering numbers of professional and Vocational courses including SIA Security Courses, Teacher Training courses, Business & Office administration courses, Health and Social Care courses, Project Management course, Accounting courses, Beauty Therapy, Customer Service courses and IT courses as core disciplines.