Balanced Scorecard Basics

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Over the past several decades, organizations have come to realize that success cannot only be measured in dollars and cents. Intangible assets (like a company's reputation, the knowledge base created by their employees, and training initiatives) can make up a huge portion of a company's wealth. It only makes sense, then, that we need a new tool to help us measure this expanded definition of success. This tool is the balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard and its related components will help your organization identify, document, plan, and execute a balanced strategic mission. It will also help your organization evaluate and revise its strategic execution. In this course, you will learn the basics of the balanced scorecard and you will be able to determine if this powerful tool is a good fit for your organization.This course touches on the definition of balanced scorecard, when to use or not use a balanced scorecard, the balanced scorecard process, vision statement, understanding mission, vision and values, plan and processes, balanced scorecard teams.

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This course is designed for:

Business owners and executives

Course content

The following 11 subjects form the core of the courses:

  • Session One: Course Overview
  • Session Two: Understanding the Balanced Scorecard
  • Session Three: The Ingredients for Success
  • Session Four: Overview of the Balanced Scorecard Process
  • Session Five: Creating a Project Vision Statement
  • Session Six: Understanding Organizational Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Session Seven: Plans and Processes to Build
  • Session Eight: Building Balanced Scorecard Teams

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