Basics of Investing in Mutual Funds

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About this Course:

Everyone wants to invest, however very few people end up doing so. Why is this? It's because many find investing a puzzle and a difficult task when it is indeed quite the opposite. This course demystifies investing in the mutual fund industry (with a specific focus on the Indian mutual fund industry)

I take you right from the basics of investing and take you through the baby steps of understanding what a mutual fund is, a SIP is and so on and then go on to cover advanced topics like STP, SWP, Liquid funds etc. This course contains about 1.5 hours of video along with several useful links and pdfs to help you get started with investing.

This course is for the absolute beginner who wants to invest as well as the intermediate investor who knows about investing but wants to improve his knowledge around how to invest.

Basic knowledge:

  • You would need to have a bank account and PAN card in order to invest in mutual funds
  • Don't worry if you don't have prior experience in investing. Setting you up on an investment platform is covered on this course (though this isn't the only way to do it; it's just preferred and easy)

Who should take this course

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is meant for beginning investors who have no idea of how mutual funds and markets work. This is ideally suited for people in their 20s and those who have just started earning as the techniques outlined have a long term horizon (15 to 20 years)
  • This course is designed for people who can put aside some money every month on mutual funds. The amount can be as low as Rs. 500 per month
  • Even if you do know about mutual funds and investing (maybe you already invest), this course will help you pick the right funds and give you a lot of tips and tricks about investing


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • Choose the best possible mutual funds to invest in India
  • Use different tools to pick the right funds for the right goals
  • Understand the benefits and returns on mutual funds
  • Define and set goals for savings

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