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It is valuable for an organization to virtually construct a building or an infrastructure as it is going to be constructed on-site before the actual project has begun. This can eliminate many construction process inefficiencies, thus allowing faster execution, cost savings, programming and design evaluation, asset management and workflow improvement.

Each team member can update information in BIM, which is then transferred to the next phase without loss or duplication. Team members can access a model, update it or extract information at any phase of the construction process. After completion, the owner, developer or facility manager receives a data-rich model and can evaluate the project's entire lifecycle.

During this program you will learn about BIM implementation, different engineering systems, management software and real life case study methodologies. Moreover, participants from different organizations and geographical regions will be able to share and develop their knowledge with each other.

Who should take this course

Anyone interested to gain knowledge.

Course content

This executive program focuses on the challenges and opportunities that BIM offers to Owners and Developers.

The first module of the program focuses on theory delivered by the most respected professionals and researchers. The second module is all about real life case studies, explained in-person by their main characters.

All of the concepts from the first module are applied in the second module, to demonstrate the benefits of different types of projects in different situations on various continents. Finally, during the third module, participants create their own case studies.

These three modules will be held online. At the completion of the program, a meeting will be held which will provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet with the directors, advisory board member, professors and other participants of the program in person.

The first meeting is going to be held at the European BIM Summit next May 2017, in Barcelona (organized by buildingSMART, the Association of Building Engineers of Barcelona and BIM Academy). The second edition of the course will take place during the celebration of BIM World in Munich next October 2017. Each BIM for Owners and Developers meeting is open to all participants and guest board members.

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