Body Language in Character Animation

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About this Course:

Take your character Animation to the Next Level in 30 days.

Interested in taking your character animation to the next level?

NO? Stop reading this. YES? Continue.

How cool would it be to learn how to Express Emotions with your characters by learning the different gestures in the next 30 days? In this Step-by-Step course Sydney walks you through how to go from knowing nothing about body language to becoming an expert in expressing emotions in your character animation. I'm a busy person how much time a day do I need available?

This course was designed for busy people.

Maybe you are learning animation in your spare time or maybe you are a busy animator with a lot of projects at hand. Well we are happy to announce that. You can learn Body Language by spending 5 mins a day. And of course if you have time you can learn all the secrets from the first day by watching all the lessons the same day.

Learn at your own pace.

Who is this course for?

If you are convinced that Knowing about Body Language is not important in animation then this course is NOT FOR YOU If you think that knowing about the different Body Gestures improve character animation then this course is


What will I get from this course?

  • You will know how to express emotions in character animation
  • You will be able to show charisma and personality from any pose
  • You will know how to have the audience interested before your character says a word
  • What will I learn in those 30 days?


Getting Started

Day 1 - Introduction to Body Language Day 2 - Language and Communication Day 3 - Words Voice and Body Day 4 - Body Language in depth Day 5 - Review of chapter 1 Day 6 - Quiz to reinforce concepts learned


Animation Principles

Day 7 - Staging and Body Language Day 8 - Exaggeration and Body Language Day 9 - Appeal and Body Language Day 10 - Review of chapter 2 Day 11 - Quiz to reinforce concepts learned CHAPTER 3:

Unconscious Behaviour

Day 12 - The Limbic System in Cartoon Characters Day 13 - Get Into vs Get Away Day 14 - Relaxed vs Annoyed Day 15 - Review of all the concepts from section 3 Day 16 - Exam to reinforce the concepts learned on section 3


Body Language Gestures

Day 17 - Facial Gestures Day 18 - Head Gestures Day 19 - Hand Gestures Day 20 - Arm Gestures Day 21 - Shoulder Gestures Day 22 - Torso Chest and Hip Gestures Day 23 - Leg Gestures Day 24 - Feet Gestures Day 25 - Review of all the concepts from section 4 Day 26 - Exam to reinforce the concepts learned on section 4


Body Language Final Challenge

Day 27 - Observational Challenge On the last day you will need to invest around 15 to 20 mins to complete the challenge.

So if you are a busy person please consider this time frame. Are you ready to learn how to express the feelings of your characters?

Enroll today.

Basic knowledge:

  • No previous knowledge is required

Who should take this course

What is the target audience?

Anyone who considers body language as an important element in animation


Course Completion Certificate

Course content

What you will learn:

  • You will understand the different gestures from cartoon characters and their emotions
  • You will start developing intuition for better poses in your characters
  • You will know how to express emotion in character animation


  • Getting Started
  • Animation Principles
  • Unconscious Behaviour
  • Body Language Gestures
  • Body Language Final Challenge

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