British Sign Language: Basic Introduction

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Course Overview

British Sign Language is the official sign language used in the United Kingdom. There are over 125 000 adults and 20 000 children who reported BSL as their main language. This is your chance to be introduced to a whole new way to communicate!

This course is ideal for absolute beginners who are looking for a basic understanding of sign language. You will learn how to fingerspell the whole alphabet; sign your own name; understand numbers and greetings; signing colours.

With full video demonstrations and PDF scripts of the videos along the way, it will be easy to keep track of how much you are learning.

Plus this course provides the perfect foundation for studying Level 1 British Sign Language!

Who should take this course

People looking for an introduction to the world of sign language.

Those needing BSL knowledge to communicate with relatives or in work.

Anyone interested in communication and challenging their reliance on speech.

Course content

Part 1 – Introduction

  • Introduction to BSL and the Course

Part 2 – The Alphabet

  • Introduction to the Alphabet

  • Alphabet and Fingerspelling Practice

Part 3 – Numbers

  • How to Sign Numbers

  • Money Signs, Time and Months of the Year

Part 4 – Meeting People

  • Introduction Vocabulary

  • Greeting Sentences

  • How to speak to deaf people using basic greetings

Part 5 – Colours

  • How to Sign Basic Colours

Part 6 – Family

  • Family and Questions Forms

Part 7 – Downloadable Materials

  • Introduction

  • Alphabet

  • Fingerspelling

  • Numbers

  • Money

  • Vocab

  • Greetings

  • Colours

  • Family and questions

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