Cartooning: Digital Painting Introduction

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Course Overview

This course covers the basics of digital painting and cartooning, beginning with learning how to navigate the interface of Adobe Photoshop, and moving along to more complex techniques.

It’s essential that to get the most out of the course that you have a copy of Photoshop and a tablet for your Mac or PC. If you don’t have one, you can find affordable ones online with a quick search and if you want to take your art seriously then it’s advised you get one!

Who should take this course

  • Complete Beginners to digital painting

  • Students

  • Hobbyists

  • Illustrators wishing to learn how to paint digitally

Course content

Part 1 – Photoshop Basics

  • Photoshop Basics

  • Flipping Horizontally & Using the Navigator

Part 2 – Basics of Shading

  • Painting the ball

  • Painting a cartoon face

  • Cleaning up the painting

Part 3 – Grey scale shading and colour

  • Painting the ball in black and white

  • Painting a cartoon girl in grey scale

  • Cleaning up and adjusting the grey scale painting

  • Adding colour to the grey scale image

  • Painting over the colours and making adjustments

  • Adding some filters and enhancements to the painting

Part 4 – Painting from photos

  • Introduction

  • Sketching out our image

  • Cleaning up the drawing

  • Applying our tones in grey scale

  • Rendering and adding definition to the image

  • Applying colour

  • Cleaning up our colours

  • Adding some tweaks and final touches

Part 5 – Sketching

  • Silhouette, sketching the head

  • Using silhouettes to create characters

  • Turning silhouettes into characters

  • Exploring the other characters

  • Exploring the character even further

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