Certificate In Digital Marketing Strategist

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Currently, Mobile traffic has a growth rate of 125% desktop has 12%. Needless to say, Digital Marketing is in high demand. Stand out as one of the best Digital Marketing Strategist through this unique course of the renowned University of California - Irvine. This course will enable you to build a great career in the Digital Marketing Industry where marketing strategists are in high-demand. The Program is flexible to assimilate and incorporate technology updates into the modules, on the fly.

Who should take this course

Entry to Mid Level Executives


University of California Irvine, known for its science & engineering programs, is a top rated university; ranked No.9 among Public universities; and No.1 among Research Universities, and has produced 3 Nobel laureates.

Course content

Learners are required to complete 175 hours of faculty led Online mode.

The following are the modules covered:

Overview of Digital Marketing - Introduction to Internet Marketing - Online Measurement & Analytics - Online Acquisition - Online Conversion - Online Retention - Social Media Marketing - Mobile Marketing

Social Media and Internet Audience Profiling - Networks - Breaking your audience down - Research and Impact - Evaluating Research, Identifying Net Promoters and Fine-Tuning the Persona - Predictive Analytics & Real-Time Social - Breaking your audience down - Bringing it all together

Online Analytics & Measurement - Introduction to key Web Analytics principles and terminology. - Analysis for outcome - Qualitative Data & Testing - Competitive analysis and benchmarking. - Advanced analytics principles. - Analytics Vendor Selection and Managing Management - Competitive analysis and benchmarking.

Developing a Social Media Strategy - Introduction, Social Media Basics, Strategy Overview - Buy-in & Culture, Goals & Objectives, Resources, SM Usage, SWOT Analysis - Target Audience, Market Research, Keywords, Monitoring/Listening - Branding, Social Media Voice/Persona - Content & Engagement, Social Media Categories & Channels - Social Media Policy, Conversion, Measuring & Execution

Mobile Marketing - Introduction to Mobile Marketing - Understanding and Profiling Your Audience - Mobile Websites - Mobile Applications - Mobile Acquisition and Promotion - Conversion and Retention Using Mobile Marketing - Conversion and Retention Using Mobile Marketing

Online Video Marketing - Basic video marketing strategy - Basic video production techniques - Effective & Viral Videos - Monetise videos Setting up YouTube channel - YouTube analytics & Brand Channels - Case Studies: You tube best practices - Basic Analytics to measure video success

Content Marketing - Course Introduction what is content marketing? - Content marketing examples - Content marketing steps to success - The Business Case: Journey & Audience - Content types, storytelling and plan - Channels, Promotion & Technology - Measurement

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