Certificate In Global Marketing Strategist

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Global Advertising Expenditure to reach over $550 billion by 2019 - a growth by 4.1 percent. Stand out as one of the best Global Marketing Strategist through this unique course of the renowned University of California - Irvine. This course will enable you to build a great career in the Global Marketing Industry where marketing strategists are in high-demand. The Program is flexible to assimilate and incorporate technology updates into the modules, on the fly. This program also comes with the benefit of Placement support from 361 Degree Minds though you would not have the need since opportunities galore when you do this program.

Who should take this course

Entry to Mid Level Executives


University of California Irvine, known for its science & engineering programs, is a top rated university; ranked No.9 among Public universities; and No.1 among Research Universities, and has produced 3 Nobel laureates.

Course content

Learners are required to complete 175 hours of faculty led Online mode.

The following are the modules covered:

Campaign Development - Importance of Campaign Development? Sun Microsystems -Case Study - Overview of Campaign Development Process Fitting Campaign Development into Business Plan Kick-off meetings - Objectives of IMP Marketing Programs Campaign Map Rough Budget Estimate Budget Guidelines - Campaign Blue Print Blue Print Types Metrics Campaign Goals versus Tactics Goals Success factors in metrics - Campaign Manager Overcoming objection Final Integrated Marketing Plan - Campaign Development Assessment Effective outbound marketing communications

Market Research and Analysis - Introduction Market Research made easy - Six Steps of Market Research Define the ''problem'' to be solved by research Establish a methodology or process for conducting research - Describe qualitative research Process for conducting qualitative research - Describe survey research Explore Secondary Research - Actual Survey - Market Research Plan

Branding - Introduction to Branding? Components of a Brand - Strategy - Laws of Branding - Elements of Brand Matrix - Elements of Brand Matrix

Optimizing the Return on Marketing - Finance and Customer Value - Marketing Performance and Profitability Marketing Performance and Profitability - Value Creation - Value-Based Pricing Strategies Channel Management and Marketing Communications - Portfolio Analysis and Market Planning Marketing Plan - Marketing Metrics and Strategy Implementation Financial Performance

  • Portfolio and Lifecycle Management
  • Portfolio Management Key Concepts
  • Concepts and Product Definition
  • Strategic Market and Profitability Planning
  • Project Management and Financing
  • Launch and Lifecycle Management
  • Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Market Planning

Writing for Marketing Campaigns - Brand Mantra, Voice and Tone - Story telling Refining your writing - Building Personas and Speaking to Your Audience Writing Persuasively Writing for Print - Writing for Contemporary Websites email writing Social Media Writing - Basic Speechwriting Writing for a Global audience writing for video - Writing for Reporters Internal Communications

Product Management - Product Life Cycle Managing Products & Services - Pros and Cons of the PLC Law of Diffusion of Innovation - Why Product launches fail Primary vs Secondary Research Problems for the Product Manager - Perceptual Mapping - Reasons why products fail

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