Certificate Program In English Voice And Accent

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Language Course
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Course Overview

Your voice not only conveys your message - it can say a great deal about you. Your professional success with depend on your speaking skills. Voice training is for anyone who needs to be a successful communicator but who feels that one or more aspects of their vocal delivery prevent them fully achieving this.

Who should take this course

This course is designed for the following professionals:

  • Mid to senior level managers
  • Head of Departments

Course content

Learners are required to complete 100 hours of faculty led Online mode.

The following are the modules covered:

Program Outline - Introduction - Course introductions - Objectives and students requirements for the course - Establish existing skills levels exercise - Understanding Basics of Communication - Common Pitfalls

Communicating Styles - Types and levels of Communications - How do we like to communicate best? - Practical exercise - Vocal Techniques - Voice and Vocal Variety - Use of Language and Pauses - Choice of Words

Voice Modulation - Clarity - Sound and pitch - Pace - Volume - Variety - Fluency & Flow - Diction

Pronunciation Exercises - Consonants - Vowels - Intonation - Tongue and Jaw Exercises

Mumbling & Monotony - Rate of speech - Dialects - Appendages

Rhythm - Pauses and Volume - Inflection - Eliminating Indian Accent - Project and Be heard Clearly - Imitating Peculiar Words & Phrases - Speaking common sentences - Practice methodology

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