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Payroll processing can be very complex involving many issues, such as tax calculations, withholding, payments for benefits and garnishments. Any business, large or small, needs to run payroll properly and on time to be in compliance with the local and federal laws. Payroll specialists make sure that paychecks are correct and conform with all laws and regulations—not an easy job with so many details and calculations.

Who should take this course

Experienced and entry-level payroll professionals Senior HR, HR Specialist Payroll officers, HR managers, HR Admin Manager Lead PMS and Talent Management Vice President HR, Deputy Manager Senior Executive-Com & Ben Head HR with more than 5 year's experience


Certificate accredited by the Carlton Advanced Management Institute(CAMI) Board approved by HRCI

Course content

MODULE 1: COMPENSATION SYSTEM Equity Principles Components of Compensation Different Types of Employees Appointment Letter MODULE 2: PAYROLL SYSTEM Payroll Basics People involved in Payroll Payroll Timelines Payroll Performance Indicators Reporting of Payroll MODULE 3: CREATING A PAYROLL RUN Calculation of Hours Worked Calculation of Leaves Calculation of Allowances Monthly Components Calculation of Net Pay MODULE 4: SPECIAL CASES Promotion Termination Pay Errors MODULE 5: CRITICAL LEGAL SYSTEM Contract Law Income Tax Retirals Employee Health & Insurance Benefits

About Course Provider

Middle Earth HR is today one of the largest specialist training, education and knowledge support companies for HR professionals worldwide. It was founded by Nitin Sanker and Nandita Sanker in 1996.The duo strongly believed that HR in Organizations play a vital role in bringing smiles to the employees and their productivity. They aimed to build HR and thus human happiness by creating learning opportunities and bringing a change in HR in Organizations.

Under the leadership of Nitin Sanker, MEHR has partnered with Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI), a global affiliating partner and a research body. MEHR extended certifications for its training programs which were hugely successful because of its curriculum, industry validation, and experiential trainers.

MEHR takes pride that it has trained more than 35000 HR professionals from all levels across the globe and also has partnered with more than a 1000 companies in their HR training & development.

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