Character Design For Animation in Illustrator

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About this Course:

You have an idea that you want to turn into animation and now you want to create the characters that will move the story.

How do they look? Are they friendly? Aggressive? Stubborn?

You decide your character should look friendly great! You draw what you have in your mind and you feel proud. Good for you. But what if what you designed gets criticized and people say With that smile it looks naughty not friendly.

Why? How can you make your characters communicate the personality you intent for them?

This is where this course will help. In here you will learn the theory behind character psychology how to make characters with a soul with personality. And not only that but you will also learn how to communicate all those feelings and emotions through your designs.

You will learn how to establish different attitudes by using different shapes you will understand the meaning of having round features or pointy features.

And then after you know the theory we will practice the whole process of putting the character you have in your mind into paper by first establishing a strong pose that communicates your character's personality. And then once you have a memorable character with a strong personality drawn on paper or on digital what can you do with it?

Well because this course was created with animators in mind we added a whole section covering how to prepare your character in illustrator and make it ready for animation.

You will learn about the different angles needed to have what you need for your character the importance of using a storyboard and how to trace each part of the body so you have the character well connected and ready to be rigged in After Effects or any other animation software you want. We will dive deep step by step in a tutorial that will guide you how to ensemble the Character Brad part by part.

Learn how to design your characters and prepare them for animation.

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Basic knowledge:

  • You need to know how to use Adobe Illustrator


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Course content

What you will learn:

  • How to create memorable characters
  • The Theory behind character psychology
  • 4 Basic areas of personality that will make your character outstand all others
  • How to define attitude
  • The basics of concept art
  • Understand shapes and meaning


  • Introduction
  • Character Psychology
  • Concept Art for Character Design
  • Explanation of a Character for Rigging
  • Tracing the Character
  • Setting Up for Replacement Animation

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