Child Reading Success - Teach Your Child To Read In 3 Steps

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This course is for anyone who wants their child to get good grades at school and to succeed in life. All by assuring they have an initial kickstart when they first learn English reading and spelling.

The course begins with some in-depth theory lectures on how to teach your child to read. Then we go into execution videos where you see me in an actual tutoring setting teaching a child how to read.

This course ALONE will allow you to take your child from ZERO to being a fluent speaker and have an ironlike confidence. You will get the exact process, the highly effective tools and methods that will make you become the perfect person to teach children how to read.

Even if you hate children, have just 60 minutes a week or you're not a native speaker.

Your child will be blown away by your explanations and they will have fun too so you get more quality time with your child that will allow you to have a deeper relationship.

So with that said, let me show you what'll cover...

Here is the curriculum:

  • What the basic building blocks of words are and how you can use them to instantly double your child's reading speed.
  • The little known secret of multi-sensory learning which will make your child LOVE reading and learning because you'll using all of his/her senses.
  • The 3 Easy Steps to to Read that anyone can use to guarantee the success of their child, even if your child is NOT a native speaker.
  • How your child can get straight A's in his spelling exams so he can skyrocket his grades once he enters school.
  • The truth about Reading Comprehension and why your child will FAIL if you don't get this right (It's easier than you think --I personally cover how to do this in the course)
  • Certified Teaching Theory: How any parent or school teacher can get a solid foundation on how to teach any child to read. So you can literally guarantee their success in life.
  • The Behind the Scenes method the most expensive private schools use to teach reading and spelling. You'll see how I personally use this so you can literally copy me and get the same stunning results.
  • Initial Teaching Toolkit: Over 20 proven videos where I show you how to apply all the theory so you don't get bored and really get a good grasp on how to apply this with your children.
  • The single most powerful technique that'll get your child to instantly have a perfect handwriting and a beautiful penmanship that the teachers will love.

Basic knowledge

  • Be familiar with the English language
  • Must have a desire to help your child to get good grades
  • Must be 100% fully committed to the success of your child

Who should take this course

  • Parents
  • School teachers
  • Basically anyone who feels that reading is important for the child's success


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Course content

What will you learn Teach your child how to read

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