CIMA Professional - Chartered Management Accounting (Operational E1, P1, F1, Management E2, P2, F2 & Strategic E3, P3, F3)

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Course Type
Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Enhance your decision-making skills across all areas of business with one of the courses that is considered to be one of the most relevant finance qualifications for business professionals from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Who should take this course

This course is designed for anyone who wants to develop their decision-making skills, and apply their knowledge to business situations influentially and confidently.


There are no official pre-requisites for this course but in order to sit the examinations you will have had to achieve your C01, C02, C03, C04, C05 or equivalent.

Course content

The course is broken down into three sets of objectives, so you can develop yourself across the board of operational, management and strategic essentials.

  • Grasp the fundamental elements of organisation management, inclusive of buyer behaviour, marketing aspects, information systems and legal issues.
  • Learn how to apply your established accounting knowledge to financial matters. This will include budgets, variance analysis, cash flow forecasts and investments, for optimum efficiency.
  • Understand the layout of financial statements and demonstrate confidence with regards to tax, audits, assets and reporting financial performance.
  • Explore project management and strategic analysis and get a firm grip of the fundamental techniques that a business requires to succeed.
  • Understand the importance of leadership and develop your management skills to really ensure that you are well equipped to further your career possibilities.
  • Understand how pricing and budgeting affect the performance of a business.
  • Learn how the learning curve theory and break-even analysis can play an important role in business strategies.
  • Realise how advanced management accounting, financial analysis, retirement benefits, various groups and associates can help you progress in your field.
  • Apply knowledge of marketing, strategic management and environmental analysis, and see how they determine the overall position of a business within its particular industry.
  • Calculate risks and manage them and learn more about the auditing process.
  • Learn short-term and long-term how financial strategy is a fundamental building block for any growing business to build on.

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