CIMA Professional - Operational Level Package (E1, P1, F1)

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Get on the path to working towards earning one of the most prestigious business finance qualifications with the CIMA Operational Level course.

Who should take this course

The course is best suited to finance professionals who are looking to improve their understanding of management accounting, or who are looking to get a recognised qualification on their CV.


There are no official pre-requisites to take this course but in order to take the examinations, students will need to hold the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting or equivalent.

Course content

The CIMA Operational Level course is divided into three sections:

E1 – Organisational Management

  • Focusing on the organisational structure, introducing finance functions and business ethics by which finance workers are bound.
  • Information systems used to assist with management accounting.
  • Operation management, quality control, marketing and human resources.

P1 – Management Accounting

  • Analysing business costs using approved mathematical functions to create workable budgets.
  • Defining costs using absorption, marginal and activity factors and performing variance analysis.
  • An introduction to the concept of decision theory and linear programming.

F1 –Financial Reporting and Taxation

  • Preparing financial statements for a single Company
  • Producing a group accounts consolidated statement of financial position
  • Defining and reporting assets.
  • Understanding taxation standards
  • Managing cash, assets and inventories for the greatest financial benefit.

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