CIMA Professional - Strategic Level (P3) Performance Strategy

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Professional Training Course
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Course Overview

Boost your knowledge and expertise with the strategic level course, as part of the CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification and take another step towards overall completion of this highly respected award.

Who should take this course

This course is a valuable resource for anyone studying towards the CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting qualification.


Students will need to have first attained the CIMA Operational and Management Level qualifications before they can achieve CIMA Professional status.

Course content

This course covers both financial and non-financial risk management as well as strategy. Learn how to evaluate and implement ideas to help control these risks and ensure organisation success.

  • Learn about the social, political and economic context of business, including what control systems can be implemented to ensure effective management of an organisation and how to solve issues, which can arise due to weakness, associated with these systems.
  • Learn about the various types of risk that can affect an organisation, including financial, commodity price and business risks – such as fraud, contractual inadequacy or loss of reputation – and how to quantify an organisation’s risk exposures and report on them.
  • Evaluate the various risk management strategies that can be executed and understand the purpose of internal control systems to not only identify potential risks, but also its role in managing them.
  • Understand what makes good corporate governance when related to internal controls and learn to evaluate the ethical issues that can become a risk to an organisation.
  • Learn about audit process and the various tools that can be applied during; understand the principles of the audit and review process and learn how to solve problems during the practice.
  • Delve even further into the subjects of corporate governance and the ethical issues that can be faced by an organisation.
  • Analyse the financial risks that an organisation can be faced with and their possible sources.
  • Look at the various alternative risk management tools, their accounting implications and the effects of the range of methods that you will cover.
  • Look at the risks and benefits of using information systems, including the use of the Internet and Intranet within an organisation, outsourcing and changes in supplier.

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